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Letter: Yes, guns are the problem

Nicholas Krick wrote a nice piece on March 18 that inadvertently puts forth a very good argument for gun control. Yes, the guns are the problem. All of our fellow democratic countries on the planet have figured this out. Unfortunately here in the USA we have continued to loosen gun laws and increase proliferation.

With this philosophy we have increased the gun kill rate far beyond any other democracy. We still refuse to believe guns are the problem and are paying the price in blood. In the article by Mr. Krick he points out the dangers of cell phones and driving. Large death tolls despite texting and driving being against the law. In a tongue and cheek way Mr. Krick suggests taking away the cell phones. He is right. The only way to stop the highway deaths is to make it illegal to have a phone in the car.

We humans do not respond to logic very well, we need to have the problem controlled for us. The same thing happened with cigarettes. Remember how back in the ’70s we learned that cigarettes were killing us? We still smoked. It wasn’t until there was almost no place to smoke, cigarettes become very expensive due to taxes and social pressure came to bare against the habit that smoking declined.

Cell phones in the car are a similar problem. We need laws that are enforceable. If you have a cell phone in your hand while driving a police officer should be able to stop you and fine you. We need the same help with guns.

The military-grade guns must be outlawed. Obtaining guns needs to be properly controlled. These things have nothing to do with the Second Amendment right. As is the case with cigarettes all are free to smoke. As with cell phones all should be free to use their cell phones when not driving. As for guns ,all good citizens have a right to nonmilitary grade guns for sport and self defense.

It is wonderful to see that the high school students of this country understand the facts about guns and want to see sensible change. It is time for us adults to make the changes to gun laws that will save lives — please march on the 24th.

Munro Wilcox

Glenwood Springs

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