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Letter: Yes on RFTA 7A

As a RFTA board member I’ve been asked why RFTA needs additional funding, and why ask for it via a mill levy. That’s a loaded question, but the short answer is that as a board we have a responsibility to give the public a choice. The economics of transit nationwide continue to become more challenging while the need for it to decrease congestion and increase mobility continues to increase. Call it a conundrum.

Can RFTA survive without it? I’m happy to report that, due to prudent management over many decades, it can. But without the added investment it’s projected that RFTA will not be able to keep up with demand as the economy, and therefore traffic, continue to grow.

Is this the best funding mechanism and has RFTA proved it’s worthy of more investment? I welcome the scrutiny and would argue that national awards for excellence, strong voter support in years past, an exceptional track record on delivering projects, high confidence from state and national agencies, support from member jurisdictions and perhaps most importantly over 5 million riders a year make a pretty good case.

I am proud of the amount of work that has informed 7A, and I for one support allowing RFTA to continue to lead the way in reducing congestion through trails, transit, safety and environmental stewardship. Join me in voting “yes” on 7A. Visit OnBoardWithRFTA.org for more info.

Dan Richardson


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