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Letter: Yes to Amendment 71

I am writing in support of Amendment 71. Colorado is a large and diverse state. Amendment 71 would require signatures from the rural sections of the state as well as the urban areas to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot. This amendment would require signatures from 2 percent of the registered voters in each of Colorado’s 35 senate districts. By requiring this 2 percent, every region in Colorado would get a chance to have its voice heard.

In Colorado we care about all regions of the state. Those that live in the metro areas along the Front Range care about the rural areas and vice versa. Amendment 71 would require supporters of a proposed amendment to collect signatures from all over Colorado, not just the heavily populated metro areas. We all know that the rural areas of the state are as affected by constitutional amendments as the metro areas. Passage of this amendment will do better to involve every citizen in the democratic process.

This amendment is a step in the right direction, to give a voice back to all regions of the state and to all Colorado citizens. Vote yes on Amendment 71, and allow all of Colorado voice.

Tom Jankovsky

Garfield County commissioner

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