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Letter: Yes to imaging option

It was wonderful to learn of a new imaging facility opening in Glenwood Springs (Letter to the editor from Dr. Greg Feinsinger, March 2). Let’s wish Dr. Liz Kulwiec all the best in offering some options in our medical choices.

Just the thought of competition has already caused Valley View Hospital to lower its imaging prices, and that is good news. The not-so-good news is that VVH has also started taking out expensive advertising, trying to crush the new competition. We all know what will happen to their rates if they succeed.

I recently took a phone survey asking me to compare VVH with the Aspen hospital. They asked me which hospital I would prefer in terms of comfort, staff, warmth, different health scenarios — everything except price. It’s as if price was of no concern to them. Thank you Drs. Kulwiec and Feinsinger for recognizing the importance of containing medical costs, and good luck to the new imaging facility.

Peter Westcott


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