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Letter: Zones of Control

Sometimes junk mail has something to offer. In the barrage of junk my brother’s religion sends — since I got put on the mailing list, hunting him down when our father was dying — they insert an article from the founder, and this time Hubbard had this timely piece about Zones of Control, that sheds light on our president’s addiction to tweeting.

In the article, control is explained as a relation with two other points in an ever-widening or -decreasing triangle. A familiar structure like another triad: The Triune Godhead of Christianity, where God is love, the Son is the reality, and the Holy Spirit is the lines of communication. Affinity, reality, communication, the other triangle this one of Control rests upon, as well, which together equal understanding.

The one for Zones of Control’s other two corners are knowledge and responsibility. The components cannot exist in isolation. No one can control an area were they assert little knowledge or responsibility, and this takes us right to the Office of the President.

A man who takes no responsibility for the whole contingency of his office has little knowledge and reality of the world of real people — being inoculated from it by trust fund wealth and being branded an unreal “reality” star — he is busied with controlling what he thinks he can still control. Those 140 characters in a tweet.

Of course their nature is of deferring responsibility, so they predictably become less knowledgeable and out of control. All addictions work this way. It is time for an intervention.

The pseudo-diagnosis of the pseudo-sciences of psych professionals got it all wrong. The man isn’t crazy; he is an addict. He is in fact a creation of the media taunting its protection of free speech only to toss it in the toilet when reality conflicts with ratings. Trump is a perfect mirror of the pseudo-reality world that granted him celebrity enough to conquer the presidency, so it is amusing to see the circus dis its clown.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs


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