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Letter: Zoning woes; ‘no’ to tiny homes

Imagine 300 tiny houses in the field kitty-corner from Catherine Store (Hwy 82 and CR 100). The owner of that property, Oscar Cerise, has requested a zoning change from “Rural,” which allows six houses, to “High Density,” which would allow 124 houses.  He also proposes to then change the definition of “High Density” (in the master plan of Garfield County) to allow 300 houses.

If that precedent is set, now imagine that many tiny houses in many other fields in that area.

The Garfield planning commission is meeting Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 6 p.m. in the usual GarCo commissioner meeting room in Glenwood Springs.

Email comments may be sent to P&Z David Pesnichak at dpesnichak@garfield-county.com, and he has requested comments be sent by today for most consideration.

Everyone, please take a moment to make your voice heard.

Gary Pax


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