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Letter:Despite the naysayers

Yes, Annie Uyehara, imagine what stellar results Miss Karen could archive if she could afford career counselors and other services she now coordinates between several other cash-strapped nonprofits whose mission is treating these fellow human beings with the dignity afforded persons in the land that claims to be a home for the free and the brave.

All those who take the very few steps past their waggling tongue and visit Feed My Sheep, do find Karen joyfully showing you our successes and mourning our losses and what frustrates us all.

For, like any entity who work with the dignity of flawed human beings there are marks on both sides of the ledger. However, the wins have been on the rise year after year despite the natter of the naysayers. Some of those wins were providing many old broken down vets a place to die as part of a caring community, rather than alone and alienated (from sometimes even themselves), for this is what it is and has been (far before) day one.

A place for people to regain a sense of dignity and purpose. Something the larger community struggles with themselves, and so why the disconnect, the natter. The fear of what they refuse to engage on equal terms, crops up every few years.

This year, it is the big problem of trashed-out camps. My own peeve with this community, for I raised myself to practice the ethics of leave no trace respect for the wilderness teaches.

I’ve also personally have carried off the mountain more trash (that wasn’t mine) than all the organized outings the cleanup after those who never learned such consideration for natural and other human beings. A good portion of it generated by people who are not homeless. Some from the last millennium.

So, the fix for this problem may be a few well-placed trash cans, with regular pickup. Maybe a dumpster in early season, when camps are abandoned for the better winter shelter of couch surfing, a motel or warmer climes come out from under the snow that has trashed them.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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