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Letter: Betraying the West

Being from Montana, I thought Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke might show some sensitivity about protecting our public lands. Forget that.

Not only is he plotting to drastically reduce or eliminate several of our national monuments, but now he wants to privatize our National Park Service campgrounds. Won’t that be nice? I’m sure privatization means opening them up for oil and gas exploration, so campers can look forward to pitching their tent next to a smelly, noisy, methane-belching oil or gas rig instead of a pristine wilderness.

That’s if the campers can afford to get in the campground. Private owners could charge a king’s ransom for entry. Their motivation will be profit, not preserving the site. If our favorite fishing hole is by a campground, we fishermen can kiss it off.

Zinke is betraying the West.

Fred Malo Jr.


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