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Letters to the Earth

Many students in Glenwood Springs and throughout the Roaring Fork School District have been studying about the Earth in honor of today’s Earth Day 2004.

In various classrooms, students were asked to write letters or poems to Mother Earth.

Thanks to Glenwood Springs Elementary School teacher Barb Hovde-Brown for helping to bring these letters to Post Independent readers.

Dear Mother Earth,

People should not pollute you. There are many reasons why. People should not litter so that the animals won’t get sick or hurt because of littering. Some people pollute the ocean. People should not pollute the ocean so that more fish and sea animals will stay alive. Also the coral reefs will stay healthier.

Next, we should recycle. We should recycle so that the trash dumps won’t get too full of trash.

Last, we should not pollute the air. We should ride bikes more and drive cars less. If we do this, then the cars won’t pollute the air around us.

There are many ways to keep you healthy; these are just a few of them.


Liana Gruner, third grade

Glenwood Springs Elementary

Dear Mother Earth,

I am sorry that we haven’t been taking care of you lately. Earth Day is coming up and if we all work together you can be spick-and-span, but in my heart Earth Day is every day, so you should be clean every second.

Here are some things I’ll try to do every day. I’ll water your grass and dirt, recycle my cans and paper, I’ll pick up people’s litter they leave on your precious ground, and I’ll ride my bike to school rather than get a ride in my car.

I’ll keep trying to do these things and hopefully other people will do them, too.

You are more valuable than gold to me, so you can guarantee on my promise that you can depend on me to keep your healthy. I love you!

Sierra Weast, fourth grade

Glenwood Springs Elementary

Dear Mother Earth,

I’m going to set out and help stop pollution and save the Earth.

First, I’m going to gather up cans, bottles, plastic, paper and glass and make a trip to the recycling center to help recycle. Next, I’m going to start picking up trash on the playground even if it’s not mine. Third, instead of cutting down trees I will plant a tree and that will help prevent forests being cut down.

If I also see only one person driving in a car I’m going to give them some advice saying: You should drive more people in your car because that’s wasting gas and polluting the Earth. Maybe they will learn something new.

Fourth, whenever my dad makes fires too often I will tell him not to make fires too often because the smoke will go up and pollute the air and the Earth.

Fifth, I will not waste any paper because that’s exactly like wasting a tree. Also, on Earth Day I’m not going to ride in a car I’m going to ride a bike or walk.

For me instead of having only one day be Earth Day I’m going to make every day Earth Day! So as you can see, Mother Earth, I’m going to help save the Earth in any possible way.


Rachel Maison, fourth grade

Glenwood Springs Elementary

Mother Earth,

Thank you for providing us with beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers. I love to hike on the mountains and fish in the rivers.

I think we need to take better care of you. You do so much for us and we take little care of you. We can try not to pollute, and pick up litter when we see it. Thanks for the beautiful forests that give us oxygen. Thank you very much.


Jeremiah Bailey, fourth grade

Glenwood Springs Elementary

Dear Mother Earth,

Saving plants and animals from destruction is what makes Earth Day great. Earth Day is the day to help the Earth, not destroy it. Every day millions of trees and plants are cut down. Bushy forests turn to brown, flat wasteland. Earth Day is the day to stop all of that.

Stop pollution. Stop destroying forests. Stop everything!

There are so many things you and I can do to save the Earth. One of the easiest things you can do is turn off your lights. One flick of a switch and they’re off. Another thing or two, don’t pollute or use too much water. Only 1 percent of all the Earth’s water is fresh. Using more of it would make life harder in the future.

Did you know planting trees can help as well? It can. So try to plant something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rose bush or a huge willow. Planting helps the Earth.

Another way the Earth is destroyed is so many people. When you grow up, don’t have too many kids. The saying “the more the merrier” sometimes isn’t true.

Earth Day isn’t any day. It’s worth day.

Corey Gera, fourth grade

Glenwood Springs Elementary

Dear Mother Earth,

Our future generations need to take better care of you. We need to fix our past generations’ mistakes. We need to plant more trees, but stop cutting so many down. We also must stop driving our cars and polluting your air. We need to invent a new kind of transportation that doesn’t use gasoline, so we won’t keep polluting your air. We must change our lifestyle to save you.

If we don’t think beyond our current problems, we could destroy you, our homes and our lives. We must challenge our scientists to come up with new sources of fuel. To save you, we must re-invent our industries.

The real possibility of destroying you is great unless we work day and night to come up with a solution to fix you.

We know that you are suffering from our mistakes, and we know that we must overcome our selfish behaviors if we want to help you. It is up to our generation to fix you and we will try to save you.


Luke Jacob, fifth grade

Sopris Elementary

Dear Mother Earth,

Thank you for being such a great Earth. I am sorry some people disrespect you and litter or pollute.

In my opinion, one great way to take care of you would be if everyone recycled. My family already does, and it’s easy. I also think that if all the restaurants had a compost bin to decompose their food scraps in, they wouldn’t have to buy fertilizer for gardens or grass, they would’ve already made it.

Another way we could help take care of you would be to conserve water and energy as much as possible. Things like turning off lights when you leave a room, or remembering to turn off the water when you brush your teeth. These things help a lot more than you imagine.

I strongly believe that the No. 1 way to take care of you is for everyone to do their duty. Most kids think they’re too young to make a difference, but the future is up to them. Every little thing helps, whatever they do. They shouldn’t be afraid to speak their mind or make a difference.

The future is up to us, let’s make it a bright one!


Ann Gauldin, fifth grade

Sopris Elementary

Dear Mother Earth,

In my opinion, Earth Day is an important day. We should help to pick up trash, recycle, and more to keep our Earth clean. I would like to help by recycling things like paper bags, cardboard and paper. With the paper, it is always handy on the back for writing your grocery list or used for scratch paper.

Recycle paper bags by doing crafts with them. Make puppets or costumes. You can also use them for trash bags to pick up litter.

I would continue to help by conserving water. To turn off the water while I’m brushing my teeth or to fill my water bottle with what I know I will drink, can all help toward conserving water.

Next, I think we should all conserve electricity. To not use the lights in our classroom for a day, or to not use computers can really help. People should turn off all lights if it is not necessary to use those lights.

In conclusion, I think everyone should be involved to help our Mother Earth. If it’s planting, picking up litter, recycling, reusing or just conserving, it will all eventually make a big difference for our Earth.


Nicole Kontour, fifth grade

Sopris Elementary

Dear Mother Earth,

On Earth Day we can all try to help by picking up trash. It would help our environment tremendously. You don’t have to spend an hour out helping pick up trash, just if you’re walking around and see trash, pick it up.

It’s our planet, so we should try to keep it as clean as our houses, especially since not only one person lives on it. If you see someone drop trash you should remind them that it’s not good for other animals and people. If we didn’t litter it would help a lot of animals and their environments. Would you like to live in other people’s trash?

We should try to do this not only on Earth Day but everyday. If humans’ littering keeps up, then how do you think our Earth will look years from now? We want it to be nice for our children, grandchildren and so on. So try and help by doing something so simple as picking up some trash we drop without caring.

Hannah McDermott, fifth grade

Glenwood Springs Elementary

Dear Mother Earth,

I’m sorry that we have been so careless about taking care of you. I realize that we could take better care of you, like not driving so much and walking more.

Our community and other countries could help by picking up trash whenever you could, and not to litter. We could also start to recycle all of our things, buy more recyclable products, and use less electricity in our houses.

We all should get solar panels for our homes and use a rain collector. We could also get water from streams and rivers (not with an electric pump).

On Earth Day we should do all these things and more. If we do all these things our world will be a lot nicer! Plants, animals, trees and Mother Earth will be cleaner and more beautiful. So everybody take one day and do all these things on Earth Day!


Riley Heald, fifth grade

Glenwood Springs Elementary

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