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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

What drugs was the city of Glenwood Springs on when it OK’d the plan for completely closing Midland Avenue and leaving only Highway 82 as a transportation route?

Living in Silt and working in Carbondale became an absolute nightmare last week. I, along with hundreds of others were stuck on Highway 82, and for me it took two hours and seven minutes to go 33 miles! In the morning it took me 30 minutes to get off Interstate 70 and to the bridge. More often than not, the crawling we were doing didn’t even register on the speedometer at either time of day. God forbid there is an emergency and folks have to leave the area on Highway 82 ” no one would make it out.

I have lived in many states, been in many more major cities in the country, and yesterday when it took over two hours to get to Silt, I could have sworn I was back in New York City! Glenwood Springs has many aggravated commuters on its hands and will lose the piddly tourism it has if this continues any longer. Glenwood Springs has a lot to do in order to make this situation right for everyone.

And you know what? I hope every member of the city government spent as much time on the road as I did yesterday. … We will see how long it takes to clear the problem then. …

Romayne Carlin


Dear Editor,

I just read that Jack Smith was named as the head coach for the Rifle girls’ basketball team. I feel it’s appropriate for me to send a public response in which I intend to echo the sentiment of many of my peers about the witty, warm-hearted leader who has influenced the lives of hundreds of Rifle High School students. Jack Smith coached me for one year (I was a rather lousy basketball player) but in the course of the four years I spent in high school, Jack’s example taught me many lessons about life and leadership.

He is an upstanding man whose life reflects solid morals and a genuine dedication to the positive development of the city’s youth. Few possess the ability to get young adults to do exactly what he/she needs them to do, without raised voices or threats. Jack is one of those few. He leads by example and people follow him, not because they have to, but because they want to. Demanding hard work and dedication, he forces improvement on the individual’s abilities and on the team.

Jack sincerely cares about everyone he coaches and he remembers us five, 10, 15 years later when we show up after years of absence.

Jack’s the kind of man you read about in leadership books, and I consider it an honor to know him. Good luck, Jack ” and thanks.

Jackie Carter

Vista, Calif.

Dear Editor,

After reading the article, “Red light, green light,” we think the perfect solution would be to construct a direct bypass of the downtown area by using the old Aspen Railroad branch line.

Paul and Joan Wolfe

Battlement Mesa

Dear Editor,

Given the major dislocation of city traffic caused by the closure of the Eighth-and-Midland intersection, I am sorry to note that no overtime was worked on the project this weekend.

Being a resident of Walz Avenue, I am also unhappy that our access to downtown and west Glenwood is to be seriously impaired for four months. (We are supposed to travel over Sunlight Bridge!)

I feel that better planning and more expenditure could have considerably reduced the construction period. I also would have thought that some detour provisions could have been made for us.

Bob Littler

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

When will the county commissioners learn? A “gentlemen’s agreement” is not how the gas/oil industry operates. Do the commissioners have a clue? Did they even read the “agreement” or just rubber stamp it?

Now they have a mess that could have been avoided if they had a grip on the fact that Presco wants money, no matter the risks to people in this area.

With all the other land sacrificed already, why is the Rulison site so important to them? The gas that did blast loose was radioactive and unusable as noted by Mike M. from Rifle.

Do you commissioners have any faith in what Presco and its agents tell you now? I’m certain I don’t.

Susan Haire


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