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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,So the big mystery is solved. I, like many others, Im sure, wondered why Assistant District Attorney Vince Felletter did not feel a moral, if not an ethical, obligation to attend the sentencing of Dustin Hite. According to newspaper reports, he could not even be reached by cell phone. Shame on Mr. Felletter for showing such disrespect to Tim and Susan Terral. I guess after reading last weeks article, he must have been home getting those childrens videos for the office.I dont know about you, but Im just loving this warm and fuzzy feeling that Vince and Colleen Truden seem to be exuding lately, especially so close to July 11.By the way, Colleen, maybe if you had taken a little of the $6,000 you paid your husband, the office would have been able to afford real plants and decent furniture. That way you wouldnt have to pilfer from your house.Yall keep up the good work now, ya hear!L. Carol KorisGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Mr. Johnson, since you have chosen to air your dirty laundry publicly, and we as parents have some information as to your termination, my question is: Shall we as parents ask School District 16 administration to air their side of why you and your wife were terminated? Shall we just let sleeping dogs lie? I know numerous teachers and administrators who have not tenured with this district who still live in Parachute and commute to other schools throughout the valley to continue their career as educators. Yet we have never heard any of them publicly bellyache the way that your family is. Why not move on and fulfill your teaching careers elsewhere? Wendy LoughParachute

Dear Editor,Thousands of people across America will be calling Congress to speak out against the expansion of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act imposes restrictions on freedom that no democracy should ever tolerate. We need concerned citizens to stop the government from stripping away our rights in the guise of safety.People across the country have made their opposition to the Patriot Act clear. Hundreds of communities and seven states have passed resolutions against the Patriot Act. Congress has a duty to listen to the people.There are significant flaws in the Patriot Act, flaws that threaten our fundamental freedoms by giving the government the power to access to our medical records, tax records, information about the books we buy or borrow, all without probable cause. It also gives the government the power to obtain a special sneak and peek search warrant to break into your home and conduct secret searches without telling you for weeks, months or indefinitely. The Patriot Act needs to be removed, not expanded.Call U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar, (202) 224-5852; U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard, (202) 224-5941; or U.S. Rep. John Salazar, (202) 225-4761; or call the Capitol switchboard, (202) 224-3121.Cliff Hughes Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Ive been reading the letters to the editor concerning a fix to Social Security, and am writing to tell you that Social Security is in desperate need of repair. Support nationwide is building as Americans begin to see that Social Security may not be around as long as we would like to have it. I am a young Coloradan who is prepared to work hard to ensure that my personal and financial goals are met through my career. However, when I reach my 60s, I want to have peace of mind in knowing that I can live comfortably as a reward for the many years of dedication I put into my career. After all, isnt this the American dream? I also want to know that my wife will be able to live securely if something were to happen to me at some point. These are the exact things that Social Security was designed to accomplish. By fixing Social Security through creating personal Social Security lockboxes that are controlled by every American through investment, we not only build personal involvement into the system, but we also keep the government out of money that is meant to be saved, not spent. Paul BurkeGrand Junction

Dear Editor,Its bad enough that our wide-open Mexican border allows entry into our country of all conceivable types of undesirables from sex offenders to murderers. What is even worse, that wide-open border also allows escape from prosecution for crimes committed here. The Mexican government also dictates the terms of extradition, which means they are calling the shots in our judicial system as well. Since when does the cowardly,, cold-blooded murder of a policeman not justify the death penalty, or at least a life term without parole? Since when?Since Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey kowtowed to the Mexican authorities in order to get cop killer Raul Gomez-Garcia (or is it still Garcia-Gomez?) returned, the next insult would be a plea bargain or light sentence by some liberal judge. Its a shame that the Denver police didnt use some creativity.Here is the way it could have, no, should have, been done. Immediately upon determining his whereabouts in Mexico, bountyhunter Duane Dog Chapman should have been dispatched to assure a prompt return of the fugitive without interference by the Mexican authorities. Dog is the best in the world at what he does. Remember the notoriety he received for capturing Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir? His motto is priceless If they cant walk or crawl, well drag em back! It is too late now but there will be others like Raul Gomez-Garcia as long as our borders remain wide-open.God bless America!Richard DoranParachute

Dear Editor, I love Strawberry Days. I genuinely do. With more out-of-towners attending, the whole weekend has grown in size and it is fair to say that there are inconveniences for passers-through. This was a fact before the town decided to move the parade. I guess I am disappointed because the big, open, Shriner cars-making-circles, monster trucks parked at True Value, families with lawn furniture parade cannot be the same on Pitkin. I am also annoyed that we all discuss revitalization to downtown and then we pull these same tourists off Grand Avenue. Vendors put out coffee, water, and even pizza, and they welcome everyone to cop a squat in front of their businesses on the Saturday morning of Strawberry Days. Do the residents of Pitkin feel the same way? There are the other logistical problems in store for the floats once they hit the high school. What congestion will that cause? In the spirit of the parade, how can you decide to move it? The parade usually ends at Strawberry Park the center of the entire weekend. Imagine the holdup on Grand when the parade ends and everyone has to cross Grand Avenue to get to the park not to mention the enormous safety concerns. Does it really make sense to do this?Tracey YajkoGlenwood Springs

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