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Dear Editor,I take an outraged exception to Cliff Hughes’ defense of Sue Gray in his letter to the editor June 16. However harshly history judges the advisability of the war in Iraq, the regime it deposed was horrendous. Ms. Gray’s writings on Iraq were those of a myopic apologist for a brutal despot. At a Roaring Fork Peace Coalition discussion group last winter, Sue Gray made a bigoted statement about the Jewish religion that sent a gasp rippling through the room, and prompted a visiting clergyman to quote Old Testament scripture refuting Ms. Gray’s blatantly biased interpretation of Judaism. Sue Gray apparently has more than Iraq on her agenda.Islamic fascism is a real threat to world stability. It was Islamic fascists and not “our own government’s handlers,” as Mr. Hughes bizarrely contends, who attacked the United States on 9/11. Demonizing Israel, as is now the vogue in the dangerous alliance between dogmatic leftists and fascist Islamists, typifies the simplistic thinking and need for a scapegoat that always appeals to those drawn to totalitarianism, whether fanatic leftists or rightists. The ability to grasp complexities and disdain bigotry requires the mental flexibility that democracy breeds, and is alien to the rigid and sanctimonious perspective of extremists at either end of the political spectrum. Judith KingGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,We, as long-term residents since 1996, parents of a 2005 graduate, and a junior of School District 16, who have seen good teachers and administrators come and go, have to ask Mr. Johnson: Why do you think that this year is any different from years past? There are two sides to every story, Mr. Johnson, since you are wanting to air laundry in a public forum. Your wife has many years of teaching that is unblemished; however, she only has two going on three with this district, not 31. She was hired the same year that you were hired as the high school principal; you came into this district with a one-year contract, knowing up front yours may not be renewed. You signed on the dotted line, just as your wife did.This school district, since Dr. McKee took helm, has always listened to the parents, administrators, and staff of each and every school. They take all areas into consideration before making a decision. You, Mr. Johnson, were let go because of numerous complaints from parents, staff, and students. I am pretty confident our administration and school board made the right decisions. There was no “slaughtering on the altar of arrogance, insecurity, quest for power and vendetta” (against whom? I ask) on May 25. Only your pride and reality that this school district and its administration listen to us parents who pay their salaries. Get over it, move on please. Wendy LoughParachute

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