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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Thank you for Pepper Trail’s column (Sept.12). What is at stake in this evolution debate is actually something that should be taught in history class. The age-old row between classic and romantic notions of social order. Save in this modern version the war is between two schools of classicists. Two cults of absolution, claiming their very limited interpretations of bountiful existence are all inclusive.Evolutionists are just as wrong as the Intelligent Design camp when they extend biology across all endeavors of man. Including the measurable realm of “King” Science. Same as is their opponent’s insisting a narrative (designed to bring God down from the heavens into an understandable framework for man) is all to be said on the subject. Pepper seems in denial about how the nuclear problems have begot as prevalent in the waging of war as any other religion and its zealots. Iran’s seeking the same defenses as Western powers (addicted to resources within its influence, i.e. the lifeblood of technology: oil) is one case in point.What we hear are the muffled screams and nails scratching, beneath the last nails being driven in each venerable institution’s coffin. For both camps’ reality has been trumped by the atom bomb. The romantic relativism of quantum mechanics has left both classicists’ schools hallowed structure in ruins. Both are now like algebra. Abstractions no one cares to use in the everyday world of time and space. It’s a white cane poking at the eyes of the blind.Eric OlanderGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Jim Chenoweth writes convincingly of the need for public dialogue in the Sept. 11 Post Independent. Why then is the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition not responding to basic questions asked in a recent letter on this page about the structure of their organization, its funding sources, its nonprofit status, its spokespersons?The RFPC sponsors speakers in area schools, and, at their discussion groups, its members express an enthusiasm for outreaches to local youth. The citizens of this valley have a right to know what this organization does and does not stand for.Is the RFPC simply opposed to the war in Iraq, or to all wars? Does the RFPC recognize an Islamist terrorist threat, or does it believe that American corporate interests and Israel’s policies are the causes of all the problems in the Middle East?Sue Gray has publicly stated that she does not speak for the RFPC, but since her name has long been linked with it in the public mind, the public needs to know if the RFPC agrees with Gray’s definition of Hitler as one who “invaded and occupied other countries, then abused certain segments of the population,” and with her statement, “Our freedom can never be threatened by terrorists or other nations. No soldier has died for American freedom since the Revolutionary War.” Or will the RFPC publicly disassociate itself from these remarks?Mindy KittayRifle

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