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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

CARE Vice President Connie Baker was recently quoted: “I’m baffled as to why he wouldn’t want the dog near him,” Baker said. “We thought it was such an awesome opportunity for him to be near his dog. We’re completely baffled, but he’s the owner and he can do whatever he wants with the dog.”

First, the owners, in a letter dated Nov. 18 and delivered to CARE’s attorney on Nov. 23, formally requested that Buster (“the dog”) be returned to me until he and his mother could relocate back to New Orleans. Texas is not their permanent home ” New Orleans is their permanent home.

Second, since when is Ennis, Texas, near him? They plan to relocate shortly back to New Orleans. Ennis is 540 miles from New Orleans.

Third, this gentleman is trying to get their home repaired. It had six feet of water in it. The walls and floor have mold on them. There is no electricity in the area for days at a time. The home withstood the flood while many others did not. He is a teacher but currently does not have a job, since he lost it when the flood occurred. Doesn’t he have enough to do? The less extraneous things he has to worry about, the sooner he can reclaim their beloved pet!

Fourth, why would CARE announce on Friday that they had arranged for transport to Camp Wolfgang, when on Tuesday of that same week Angelo Kingvalsky had talked to Tracey Yajko, indicating that he wanted Buster returned to me, was assured that the paperwork would be forwarded to him shortly and that once signed and received that CARE would give Buster to me to care for until his return to Angelo? Wouldn’t it have been appropriate first to ask the owner if this was something that he wished to happen before making all these arrangements?

Baffled … why?

Sue Schmidt


Dear Editor,

On Buster:

If Sue Schmidt had not involved the court and the newspapers in the Buster case, the dog would be dead now ” or by Dec. 15.

CARE did not find the owner ” Sue and her friends in Louisiana did.

So, CARE, don’t complain about things. You did it to yourself. You have forgotten your own mission to do what’s best for the animals. You are focusing on control, politics, liability and bureaucracy, and animals die in the process.

Bill Mitchell

Glenwood Springs

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