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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,With the recall finally over, perhaps we can finally get back to our normal incivility in local politics and the fourth estate. Lets pray the valley never again witnesses vitriolic attacks at such a coarse, personal level as those observed coming from the recall mob and Glenwoods Post Independent (for that matter, all of the papers in the valley). This wasnt about someone not doing their job. No criminal charges were filed; no official admonishment from the legal establishment that I know of warranted a recall. Lets shoot straight with each other. This was a personal vendetta wrapped in a mouthful of deceptions (or at best half-truths) spit out by those who did not get their way the first time around. The recall is another unfortunate stain on a less than savory political reputation the valley currently endures. Can you say, Get the rope, boys, lets stringer up? Unfortunately, the voters were euchred into joining the lynching. It remains to be seen if Martin Beeson will be any better than his predecessor. One thing, however, is dead certain. He and his lynch mob have demonstrated by word and deed they will not run like thoroughbreds. But hey, if it doesnt work out, maybe he can apply for White House Chief of Staff. He and his mudslingers have the perfect skill sets to replace Karl Rove. Stan OrrGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,What kind of smoke and mirrors will District 16 rely on this year to mask its dismal CSAP performance? The bottom line is that there is way too much involuntary turnover of quality principals and teachers; a superintendent who is a consummate politician, but is an ineffective instructional leader; and a curriculum co-ordinator who did not complete college, is not certified at any level, and who has no credentials of any kind in instruction or curriculum. If you go back to past years, you will find glowing announcements of new programs in math and reading, and yet every year the results continue to be dismal. Until your get a qualified professional leading the curriculum and instructional efforts … someone who will not fall for every fancy sizzle, but no steak presentation that comes in the door, nothing is going to improve. Add to that the recruitment of quality principals and teachers, and also add a commitment to keep them in place long enough to see to the necessary improvement.Sooner or later enough folks who are truly concerned for the quality education of the youth of this community will rise up and discard the what, me worry? longtime members of the board of trustees, and see that the necessary changes in leadership are made so that this district can live up to its potential.For the record, I was one of the principals that was not invited to stay, my wife was invited to leave last year after leading the program that posted the best CSAP scores in the district for the last reporting period, our daughter is a junior at Grand Valley High School, and our son was the valedictorian of the GVHS class of 2004. We believe that this can be a quality district, and we are committed to staying so that our daughter can graduate here. We will also continue to press for positive change.John Johnson Parachute

Dear Editor,In an effort to help the traveling public properly use the new roundabouts, the city of Glenwood Springs and/or CDOT should place additional signage and perhaps more pavement striping at the West Glenwood roundabouts. Particularly troublesome is where the two eastbound lanes on Highway 6&24 enter the north roundabout. The right lane is supposed to be used only by traffic going westbound on Interstate 70, while the left lane is to be used for all others. There is currently a sign stating such, but it is not seen or followed by most drivers, including those exiting the mall and ones making the U-turn in front of the gas station. Typically, drivers line up in the right lane to enter the roundabout and continue past the I-70 entrance. An I-70 West Only sign with an arrow, or Right Lane located closer to the roundabout would help immensely. One needs all the help they can get with these not-so-typical roundabouts.Greg JeungGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,You know, for me it is a holiday tree and it is an all-inclusive celebration of the winter season. I cant bring myself to say, the birthday of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because those words dont ring true for me. Christs teachings of do unto others and love your enemies enable me to respectfully observe the Christian holy day. I believe we all can and should strive to achieve Christs example of love and forgiveness. On this I believe he and I see eye to eye. There seems to be enough divinity in this world to go around, and I dont think we need to put it all on Jesus. I believe we all go to heaven, even the worst of us. Everything is going to be just fine, and at the end of the day do the best you can. Reach out in love, forgive those who trespass upon you. And have as much fun as you can. Happy Holidays. Larry Tucker Glenwood Springs

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