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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As a resident and homeowner in Carbondale, I am dismayed at the short-sightedness of the Aspen Valley Land Trust in the purchase of the Neislanik conservation easement, adjacent to Carbondale.

The area surrounding the Roaring Fork and Crystal River valleys is dominated by public lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Colorado Division of Wildlife. While these public lands offer a priceless contribution to our quality of life, the valley’s real estate market is continually pressured by the lack of available land for sensible, affordable housing development. In order to provide for the needs of future residents, we must collectively plan for compact development where it makes sense.

The logical place for providing for future growth is adjacent to currently developed commercial centers, where future residents can walk, bike, and drive short distances to work, shop, and recreate.

Through the purchase of the Neislanik conservation easement, the AVLT has indirectly encouraged and promoted sprawl development. AVLT has a one-track mission, and is obviously ignoring the future consequences of its actions.

The town of Carbondale is composed of a wonderful mix of community members, many of whom are very proactive in community events, leadership, and volunteerism. The demographic is comprised of many income levels and nationalities. This composition creates an incredible balance and vibrancy within the community. For this vibrancy to remain healthy, the town must continually be planning for providing sensible growth and housing options.

With the purchase of a 166-acre conservation easement immediately adjacent to the town’s Urban Growth Boundary, thereby limiting the available land for housing, AVLT has effectively launched us down the path to complete gentrification of our community.

Conservation easements are most needed to protect habitat, viewsheds, and provide separation between the towns in the valley. AVLT should be working cooperatively with the town in identifying possible development areas and conservation needs. The town’s Three-Mile Plan addresses some of these issues. Planners, wildlife managers, nonprofits and community members should work collaboratively in developing a vision for long-term sustainable growth.

With certain entities focusing independently on their own agendas, we are destined for failure.

Jon Fredericks


Dear Editor,

I wanted to point out how incredibly blessed our community is to have Pediatric Partners. Dr. Dave and Dr. Ellen Brooks go the extra mile.

Saturday, my son had a fever for the third day, and we called Pediatric Partners around 11:45 a.m., 15 minutes to closing time on a Saturday. They told us to bring our son into the office and they’d keep it open as long as it took to ensure he was all right.

Four days later, my son’s fever was ebbing and flowing for the seventh day. Dr. Dave met us at the Valley View Emergency Room around 8:30 p.m. to make sure our son didn’t have a secondary infection.

I envision Dr. Dave and Dr. Ellen sitting quietly at their dinner table with those darn pagers going off incessantly. Selflessly, they respond and go the extra mile, because they care about kids, and I’m thankful that the kids in our area are the benefactors.

Jeff Cheney,

father of Abbie and Jake

New Castle

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