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Letters to the editor

Pack’s plans are scaryDear Editor,In a recent Glenwood Post Independent article, Re-2 Superintendent Dr. Gary Pack stated he intends to build, build, build. A new elementary school in New Castle, a new middle school in New Castle, a new high school in Rifle and make the old high school a middle school. The current middle school in Rifle was just built where the Esma Lewis elementary was torn down. What in the world is this man up to? I realize the voters just gave him a blank check. Isn’t any of the money going to go to the classrooms, as he stated he wanted the override for? Maybe it is time for the voters of Garfield County to request a resignation from Dr. Pack so someone could be hired that has the school educational system as a priority. His plans are pretty scary. Natalie SmithRifleAnother view on the Christmas debateDear Editor, Evidently, almost everyone and their dog is involved in the ongoing Christmas debate, so I’ll jump in also, minus the dog.We’re all humbled by and indebted to the great sagacity of eminent historians Jerry Fields and Craig Chisesi, esteemed elites who delight in promoting their “research,” etc.They instruct the more simple among us that festivals in many cultures predate the Judeo-Christian world’s celebration of Christmas and Easter by many eons. Big deal; few among us didn’t know that before. You could say the same about almost any tradition we commemorate, Christian or otherwise. To me, that doesn’t diminish at all the importance attached to these two momentous events by believers all across this world in almost every culture, for the past 1,700-1,800 years, a pretty fair chunk of history.Chisesi makes an interesting blunder in rebutting Mr. Doran. Mocking Christians, he says he hates to inform him that the world is more than 6,000 years old. If he had carefully read the Bible he ridicules (few detractors do), he would fail to find such information anywhere there; another myth scoffers attribute to believers that is baseless.The Bible, especially the New Testament, is one of the most confirmed, rigorously-tested documents of ancient or modern times, which Chisesi labels “revisionist.” If the elites want real information from true scholars who know whereof they speak, rather than pseudo-intellectual secularists desiring to obliterate every vestige of Christianity from our enlightened society (which ironically is based upon it), they might do well to read a well-documented volume by a former agnostic and skeptic, one of many fine books on the subject: “The Case For Christ,” by Lee Strobel. Maybe it’s more satisfying to promote flimsy allegations against those ignorant evangelicals, who claim God was born a baby and walked among us, and gave His life to save us from our sins (which this former skeptic has found to be true). Sadly, no amount of evidence will convince those who refuse to believe. John A. HerbstBattlement MesaBad driving should be reportedDear Editor,In response to this valley’s obvious and reckless atrocious drivers, I recommend that your newspaper post a weekly column, where callers can report “stupid driving tricks.” In particular, it seems that the majority are perpetrated by well-signed and advertised business vehicles. Do these folks actually think we do not recognize the names of your business as you pull off insane lane changes sans signaling, or disregard a red light? How about a point system? Or perhaps a reward system where we, the driving public, can actually thank an anonymous driver for a deed “well done” on the endless road for that struggle for the legal tender? Jeff Isaacson Glenwood Springs

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