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Letters to the Editor

Sept. 11 theories are bogusDear Editor,It’s been interesting and downright entertaining to read the ongoing debate between Glenwood Springs resident and Sept. 11 conspiracy theorist Steve Campbell and his opponent, Parachute resident John Herbst. It’s not often I take sides in this forum, but I agree with Mr. Herbst.The Internet, books and “documentaries” abound with Sept. 11 theories. The planes were flown into the Twin Towers via remote control, they really were not passenger planes, the mysterious “pods” on the underside of the planes contained explosives, the buildings were imploded by demolition type explosive charges, the Pentagon was actually struck by a United States cruise missile, and Flight 93 that crashed in rural Pennsylvania was really shot down by an inexplicable white jet. The aircraft wreckage at the Pentagon was staged. The Bush administration was responsible for all of it. Yada, yada, yada.People who believe and disseminate this putrid tripe are fools. I don’t care who they are, or about their credentials, or how smart they think they are or how many letters of the alphabet they have after their names – all of them are nothing more than a horde of educated derelicts. They hate America. They love terrorists. They are ashamed to be Americans. They wearily grind their dull political axes against the worn wheels of an undeveloped intellect. If they were to collectively place all of their brains on the edge of a razor blade, it would look like a grain of sand on Vail Pass.My nephew was working that dark day in Washington, D.C., and saw the plume of smoke rising from the Pentagon. He witnessed the smoldering ruins of the Pentagon and the remains of the passenger jet that was deliberately flown by terrorists into the building. Who am I supposed to believe, a bunch of misinformed buffoons, or my nephew? I have no reason to doubt him. He’s smarter than all of them.Albert Einstein said, “Great sprits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” The Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists fit into the latter category, and great sprits know the truth of what happened Sept. 11. Chris MechamGlenwood SpringsWe need a Rosa Parks DayDear Editor,Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil right movement, needs to be celebrated by a holiday in the United States. Since it is a conflict of interest to have another holiday, I would like to see her name written in the calendar as an unobserved holiday. I would really like to see her remembered as a civil rights leader. How could this be done? I researched about it and one of the ways is the model of how Presidents Day came about. President Abraham Lincoln, the civil rights leader, President George Washington and the rest of the presidents are observed. With this, it seems appropriate that Martin Luther King Day, the third Monday in January, would be made Civil Rights Day. On this date, we can remember all the civil rights fighters who made this country great. Everyone in this country who has actively spoken and supported freedom should be recognized on this date. Let this country stand, and let it stand as a wholesome peacemaker country. Let no freedom fighter be left behind.To all free people of this country, let us stand and make this happen. Let us remember Rosa Parks, and the rest of the freedom fighters.Ador SibayanSoldotna, Alaska

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