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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,I recently read Mr. Patrick Hunter’s tirade against the president in the March 2 issue of the Post Independent. I’m somewhat impressed with him. It takes a lot of guts to speak out against your government like that. But it takes even more guts to speak up for it.I know that our president has made some mistakes. I realize that a lot of people are angry, and I respect their feelings. Really, I do. It must hurt a lot that someone who you’re not exactly supportive of is in a position of political power. But if you’re so angry, if you want so badly for something to be done, why don’t you just do it? Why don’t you run for a political office, so that you can have a louder voice in this country’s government? Why don’t you send him letters, instead of letters to the editor of your local paper? Just a suggestion, I guess.And your comparison of our current conflict in the Middle East with George Orwell, that was brilliant, but I must disagree. Whereas Big Brother was always in power, George Bush’s days in office are limited by constitutional law. I seriously doubt that whoever inhabits the Oval Office next will choose to continue this “permanent war” you despise so much.People often think that because I am only a mere 18-year-old girl that I don’t understand the weight of all of these issues. But I do. And you know what? Despite the fact that President Bush makes mistakes (sometimes some that even I want to yell about), I still support him, because he is my president. Perhaps other countries would have more respect for the United States if we were actually united?Just a thought. Liz HenrieGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Regarding the recent letter to the editor, “Clarifying the noise rules” the Colorado Oil and Gas Association is objecting to, the new noise laws recently adopted by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.In Western Colorado, oil and gas operators now have hundreds of compressor stations (and many more to come in the future), that have compressors of 1,000 HP and greater, which operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To live within 350 feet of such a facility, with a noise level of 50 decibels, I can personally testify would be a horrible life experience.Our house is located in excess of 2,000 feet from a compressor facility, which used to have noise levels ranging from 45-49 dB. In this environment, my family and I experienced undue stress and sleepless nights, due to the noise. The present level of noise at our residence varies between 41 and 44 dB, which is excessively high, and this level of noise has destroyed the serenity of our rural area, especially at nighttime, when the background noise is low.The acceptable level of noise for residential and rural areas, to avoid significantly impacting the environment and people, must be related to the historical ambient noise levels (noise levels prior to compressor facility construction). Acceptable levels should not exceed 1-2 dB above the historical ambient level. Often the ambient levels will be 37-39 decibels or lower.In the Farmington, N.M., area, oil and gas operators have met the 1-2 db above ambient noise levels requirement. They have proven the noise of compressor facilities can be controlled, and at an affordable cost. They should be applauded for the good job they are doing on noise controls in that area.In western Colorado, if we want to maintain peace and quiet, and a healthy environment for our residential and rural areas, it is imperative that the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission uphold the new noise regulations, which go into effect Jan. 1, 2007.Sid LindauerParachute

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