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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,There is a matter of great importance to all Carbondale property owners presently being considered by the Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission. This is an ordinance that would create a Historical Preservation Committee.According to the recently presented draft of this ordinance, this committee would be empowered to designate any building more than 50 years old as a “landmark.” This designation can occur without the approval of, and against the will of, the property owner. Once designated, the Historic Preservation Committee must approve any exterior alteration to the building. It must approve the architectural style, materials and finishes of any alterations and additions or repairs. The HPC may demand that the building be maintained to their standard. The building may not be demolished without their permission. Any building done on adjoining properties must be harmonious with the surrounding historic structures. Such a designation has the potential of dramatically increasing the potential costs of ownership and dramatically decreasing the investment value of your property.If you own property in Carbondale, now is the time to get involved. Even if your building is not 50 years old now, it will be someday. If this ordinance is passed in its present form, there may be people on the HPC at that time that think your building is so wonderful it should be preserved (regardless of the property owners interests).There have already been two public meetings regarding this ordinance. At these meetings there has been almost universal condemnation by property owners of non-voluntary designation. There has been a great deal more support for a voluntary ordinance with incentives for cooperation.The next Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission meeting regarding this issue is scheduled for April 13. Come and encourage them to recommend a voluntary historic preservation ordinance to the Carbondale Board of Trustees. Janet Buck is the assistant planner for the town of Carbondale. She can provide copies of the ordinance as well as other relevant materials. She can be reached at 963-2733 and jbuck@carbondaleco.netJayne ColeyGlenwood Realty

Dear Editor,Again, our politicians in Washington have shown just how pathetic and uninformed they really are. First there was the Dubai ports deal. What a joke. They managed to make America the laughing stock of the world because of their ignorance concerning this matter.The head of Israel’s largest shipping company (which requires absolutely secure port facilities) said of the DP World’s Dubai ports, “We are very comfortable calling at Dubai ports. We have a long association with DP World and have never experienced one security issue in any of their terminals.”At best, Congress gave most of the world a chuckle. At worst, they will embolden our enemies who will surmise that a country with such idiots running it cannot survive long.And of course, there is this week’s political melodrama with the politicians waxing indignant at big oil’s huge profits while they pontificate and gesticulate before the television cameras.The fact of the matter is, big government takes more money in taxes out of a gallon of gas than big oil does in profits. Yet I did not hear one politician become indignant about voting for those taxes or suggest that perhaps they should reduce those taxes.Why? Because much of that tax revenue finds its way into their favorite pork-barrel projects. Pork in the budget is up 873 percent in the last 10 years. They sure don’t want to restrict those pet projects like the $941 million “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska, or the $6.2 million wood utilization research project or the $2 million to buy back the USS Sequoia presidential yacht.Nope. But let’s save America by slapping around a few oil company CEOs, and let’s stick our finger in the eye of our best Arab ally in the Middle East. I think Congress, when in session, is a far greater threat than any UAE port deal.Bob AndersonGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,It all started last Saturday morning through a sleep-deprived brain, weary body, and bleary eyes at the Denver Hotel with a Post Independent in hand. My eyes caught the headline, then Bobby Magill’s report about the minor train delay with Amtrak on Friday. Springing into an instantaneous state of disbelief, the words minor delay put me in shock. I recall leaving Denver at 8 a.m. anticipating a relaxing weekend in your marvelous community. Arrival was scheduled at 1:53 p.m., so we had the rest of the day planned to enjoy the your amenities. Gliding down the tracks and absorbing the wondrous creation around us, we stopped shortly at Granby. As we departed, the train came to a sudden halt, and reversed back to the station. We were informed over the p.a. system that a rock slide had occurred in Glenwood Canyon, that there would be an eight hour delay, and Union Pacific railroad was making a decision as to ” … what to do with us …” Our fate was sealed a few moments later, when we were told to enjoy the town of Grandby for the next eight hours. Can anyone imagine spending eight hours in Granby? Bizarre, run-down, don’t give a rip, Granby? No, it was not a one hour delay … the entire six-hour trip turned into eighteen, with arrival into Glenwood Springs at 2 a.m. The train was held nearly four additional hours, awaiting a new “crew” for Amtrak. Yes, while rock slides do happen, we also learned that Union Pacific has utterly no regard for passengers placed in such a predicament, since freight trains are a priority. Amtrak is subsidized and operated by our infamously inept, prevaricating federal government, so, perhaps the bold face lies from Union Pacific to Mr. Magill make sense. As we arrived in Denver Sunday night (four hours late), a unanimous consensus from passengers waiting for luggage came forth: no more Amtrak. Bobby, give your bud Mark Davis at Union Pacific a call, and tell him to consider a public relations job for the current administration. He would fit right in. Corky RogersLafayette

Dear Editor,I can’t believe Bush would stand up and lie, saying he did not know about the sea port deal, – if he didn’t, he should have. If the Republicans don’t see the light pretty soon, they must be blind. Those that are up for re-election will get an earful when they go back to their constituents. People are getting their dander up. Frist wants to be president, so he knows if he isn’t against this “sea port deal” and if he stays away from Bush, he will not stand a chance. He usually thinks Bush is right. Do you notice Bush says “conserve” gas – so he can travel in Air Force One. Bush better get Condi Rice back to get him out of trouble. He can’t have Dick Cheney give him any help because he is in trouble himself. Everything is secret.Another “I can’t believe it” is the California prisoner that has been on death row for 25 years – says it is “cruel and unusual punishment” to put him to death – he has had two stays, and now they don’t know when or if he will be put to death by lethal injection. When did the prisoner start running the jail? He beat to death a young girl with a hammer besides raping her. That is not being cruel?Did you know there are four sex offender here in Carbondale? That’s what the computer says.Mildred BaumliCarbondale

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