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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Editor’s Note: This letter was originally sent to the Re-1 School District Board President Mike Bair and the school board.I am writing you concerning the selection process for our next superintendent, and frankly it’s a letter I hoped not to have to write. It concerns a conflict of interest in the process that is so blatant that I had thought you would have addressed it long ago.It is widely believed by the Re-1 public that your wife was given a huge promotion by the district office with no public oversight or input. Simply put, Mr. Wall and Ms. Haptonstall handed her the job at a time when other openings for principals were being overseen by selection committees. The promotion of Mrs. Bair has obvious and large financial benefit for the Bair family. The public perception is now that you lead the group of board members who felt there was no need for a hunt for a new superintendent; for that group Ms. Haptonstall was the obvious choice. When you ran for office, The Valley Journal spoke against you, fearing just such an outcome.After attending Tuesday’s presentation of the final candidates, I can tell you the choice of Ms. Haptonstall is anything but obvious to the public. Of the speakers, only Dr. Ladouceur got more than polite applause. Audience reaction, I felt, was what led Ms. Haptonstall to make the incredible statement that she knew she was perceived by the public as being “part of the evil empire.” I hope that with that, you can finally acknowledge how a large part of your constituents view the district and will take appropriate action.The first action that you must take is to recuse yourself from voting for superintendent. Anything less is unacceptable. Whether or not you feel compromised by your relationship with one of the candidates is not the issue. The perception of conflict is the issue.Next, I encourage you to support one of the other two candidates. Personally, I think Dr. Ladouceur stands out both in inspirational presence and his outstanding experience and credentials. Whatever the choice, change is necessary to start bringing our divided district back to the unity and excellence our kids deserve.Arthur RothmanCarbondale

Dear Editor,I appreciate reading the article regarding the three upcoming superintendents in the March 22 Post Independent. I had the opportunity in September 2005 to sit and hear what the Roaring Fork School District Re-1 Board of Directors intended for the nationwide search for the next superintendent. One of the directors gave her support of Judy Haptonstall. However, currently I’m hoping the Re-1 board of directors will maintain an objectivity to the knowledge and skills the two prospective superintendents can offer our school staff, teachers and most of all, our children. Debi MartinezCarbondale

Dear Editor,When an election is honest and forthright, it is a chance for the people to advance our collective evolution. We are considering the courage and deliberation that elected officials give to their decisions and thus to our lives.I’m proud of our Carbondale Board of Trustees and what they have accomplished, but the current election again concerns a “big-box.” It concerns the impacts from attracting 12,000-19,000 car trips daily, exhaust fumes thickening into neighborhoods, nights brightened by high lights and streets crowding with traffic overflow.This election is about honoring the recommendations of a balanced congress charged with meeting weekly for a year and a half to formulate a roadmap.It’s about Carbondale’s potential 3.5 percent tax on $20 million in big-box sales ($700,000 yearly), and it’s about the collateral effects of losing locally owned and operated stores that pay taxes on less volume but plow their profits back into the community they live and invest in. It’s about not attracting more stores like them.Every election is about the values we nurture, what we wish to become and where we think our true wealth lies.Though confusing, we need only vote for one trustee, let’s make it count for our community.John HoffmannCarbondale

Dear Editor,I read about the Re-2 school district wanting to change the place of graduation. They are stirring up a hornet’s nest.My question is, why did they wait until the graduates had sent out their announcements? Also spending $97,000 seems like a lot of money that could be used in the classrooms.Jim YoastSilt

Dear Editor,I am writing a letter in support of Judith (Judi) Hayward, who is running for the mayoral position in Parachute. Judi has many years of experience in the world of business, and she has been on many different local, regional and state boards. She has been instrumental in raising funds for several different entities within Garfield County. Her most recent endeavors include, but are not limited to, raising funds for the Grand Valley Historical Society and the Mount Callahan Community Fund. Her involvement in the many fundraising activities within Parachute and Battlement Mesa are a testament to her love and dedication to the area.Judi is retired from the American Heart Association. That does not mean she is idle. She stays up-to-date on state and local issues. She has the time to devote to attending out-of-town meetings and events that pertain to the town of Parachute. She loves this area and wants to make it a better place to live, while keeping up with all the issues that are so demanding right now … like growth and the oil and gas industry. Western Colorado is changing and changing quickly! She has served on both the Parachute Planning and Zoning and on the Parachute Town Council. She is dedicated. She has the experience, maturity, knowledge and time to devote to truly making a difference. Becoming the mayor is a time-consuming venture. Municipal Election Day is Tuesday, April 4. You will be able to vote for town council members, ballot issues, and for a new mayor. Please exercise your right to vote and give serious consideration to your choices.Mary AndersonParachute

Dear Editor, Editor’s note: addressed to Dear Friends and Citizens of Carbondale When I was a young man, I thought I would never say this: “The older I get, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” Now I say it a lot. Having said that, there are a few things I do know that I would like to share with you.I know what it’s like to: grow up in western Colorado; put on a tool belt when it’s 10 below and work a 10 hour day; get off at 5 p.m. working for someone else, and go to a side job instead of going home; have a highly skilled, low paying job in the ski industry; see the sun set in camp and have no lights visible anywhere; see housing prices go up four times faster than wages; love someone and have it fall apart; love someone and have it mature and grow; love a place and see it change; hate that change; accept that change and work toward creating better changes next time; have my kids grow up and become my friends; sit with dying friends and remember the good times; bury a child and help others that have to; be passionate to the point of senselessness; confuse intensity and purpose for anger; love my friends as much as my family; give everything I own away; have to ask for help; give help when asked; lose my temper and not walk away; lose my temper and walk away; build a house for myself from the ground up; be in the Army; do what I say I will; have it made, lose it, start over; laugh at myself; not listen to my friends; listen to my friends; help two sides resolve a conflict; learn from my mistakes and successes; work for Carbondale.Please vote April 4.Russ CriswellCarbondale

Dear Editor,I am appalled at the attacks against the “Carbondale Mothers” and the Economic Roadmap Committee, and the use of columns in papers, public businesses and letter writing to manipulate people’s perceptions in the upcoming election in Carbondale.How did this election become an “us against them” battle? Once again, the Economic Road Map Committee was made up of many different people from the Carbondale community, based on information gathered from an even wider berth of participants. It has been a fantastic process that brought some recommendations that fit with the information gathered. Certainly not everyone agrees, but the process needs to be respected and reviewed, not slammed into the wall, twisted and used as a weapon against those that are running for office. I have seen no evidence of Town Mothers plotting to spread misinformation. I have seen no use of our papers, or misuse of columns as battling grounds, by those of us that agree with the process and the ERC. Scott Chaplin has stated his platform, as has Russ Criswell. I respect them for taking that route. I do hope those that disagree with their platform will quit using the “misinformation and attack” method that has become so popular in our larger government.I believe in working together to keep Carbondale a healthy place, and I will vote for those that take that same healthy approach in their campaigns.Amy KimberlyCarbondale

Dear Editor,Beginning the first of February and continuing all through March, a group of 40-50 singers rehearse twice weekly at the Methodist Church in Glenwood. We are the Glenwood Springs Community Chorus. Our singers come from as far as Rifle to rehearse for the annual spring concert. This year we will be performing, in conjunction with the Aspen Community Chorus and the Aspen Choral Society orchestra, the premier of composer and conductor Ray Vincent Adams’ “Creation,” the fifth and final work in Ray’s “Five Sacred Pieces.” In addition, the program will also feature Bach’s “Concerto for Two Violins” in D minor.Please come to Harris Hall in Aspen on March 31 or April 1 to hear this beautiful music. We also bring Handel’s “Messiah” to Glenwood for two evenings in December. We need the support of our community to continue bringing these concerts to our valley. We work very hard to perfect this music and we want you, our friends and neighbors, to hear it. Tickets are available at the Wheeler Opera House box office or from any chorus member. Patti ChristensenGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I would highly encourage people to attend this weekend’s performance by the Glenwood Springs and Aspen Choral Society and Symphony. Ray Adams’ music is not only original, but it’s the prettiest music I have heard. You don’t often get opportunities to hear a top-notch performance such as this. These people have worked hard the past two months, and it will exciting to see it come together once again. Ruth SanteRifle

Dear Editor,It’s not about the size of a store, it’s not about an Economic Roadmap, it’s not about saving local businesses. It’s about power.If you like the politics in Washington, D.C., you’ve gotta love Carbondale. We’ve got it all: ideological fervor, hot-button litmus tests, fear tactics, personal attacks on opponents, and concentration of power. Like in Washington, the result is little attention to the real business at hand, running the government fairly, efficiently, and openly. We need to do here in Carbondale what we need to do in Washington, D.C.: break up the concentration of power.Four trustees currently hold way with lock-step ideology. Only one, Scott Chaplin, is up for re-election. Russ Criswell, another mayoral candidate, is turning on Michael Hassig, our current mayor, who has shown too much independence.I no longer live in the city limits, but have given time and effort to the town, and dislike what I see enough that I am going door-to-door with the three candidates who hold the key to open, considerate and balanced government. Please vote for Stacy Patch-Bernot, John Foulkrod and Barry Maggert. Anything less than a vote for all three and Michael Hassig for mayor is a vote for narrow backroom ideological agendas, and higher taxes to pay for them. I can’t recall writing a letter to the editor in years. What we have here is extraordinary. Please vote. Brad Hendricks, ex-trustee Carbondale

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