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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Surprise, surprise, the Re-1 board chose what was easy instead of what was right. Nothing against Judy Haptonstall, as she seems like a fine person, but it was clear to me and to many others that both of the other candidates were much more qualified.

Change takes courage, whereas staying the course is easy. I’m very disappointed that our school board has taken the easy way out instead of embracing the chance for change. Change can be good, and changes are clearly needed in the district if you listen to the voices of the involved parents and community members.

Remember this decision when you have the opportunity to vote for board members. Perhaps change must begin at the board level before it will trickle down to the administration.

Maybe we’ll get a fantastic assistant superintendent, who can then move into the superintendent’s job in a few years. In the meantime, I can only hope Ms. Haptonstall will keep an open mind and actually be willing to listen to the community, and maybe even implement some of our ideas.

Judi Simecek


Dear Editor,

As I am no longer a member of the Burning Mountains fire department, I have a couple of things to say.

One of the things is there are to be no passengers in the firetrucks. I had my 4-year-old in the crew truck, and was told I was not allowed to have passengers, friends or family in any equipment. For those of you who do not know, that truck was not much over a year old. The truck was out for no reason. Austin Coryell has been on the Burning Mountains fire department no more than eight months and was not even signed off to drive, as far as I know.

Kirk Kancilia


Dear Editor,

I’d like to say something in return to Frank Coryell’s letter to the editor that was posted on April 3, since he mentioned my name.

You mentioned lynch mobs. I don’t have one. Are there any in our community that you’re aware of?

I ask because I received a threatening phone call on the evening of Saturday, April 1. He claimed to be a personal friend of Austin’s. He took the time to look up my name, address and phone number, then had the nerve to call me and leave a disturbing message on my answering machine. He said I had better quit talking (expletive) about his friend, because he knows where I live.

What I’d like to believe is that Austin is truly a good kid who made a poor choice; however, this person isn’t doing Austin any personal favors by calling up people who have a right to speak out about “the accident.” I realize he is just sticking up for his friend, but the message was threatening, and it constitutes harassment.

Since when has it become unsafe in our community to take advantage of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States? I don’t feel I insulted Austin’s character as a person, because there’s no reason to bash one another here.

Austin, one of these days you will be able to put all of this behind you and move on, but for right now it’s a hot topic, and there’s a lot of people wondering what really happened. I can imagine how horrible you already feel, but when others write letters to the paper, it’s not because we want you to feel worse than you already do. It’s just that we want to understand.

Laurie Sutliff

New Castle

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