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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,After watching the reports on television and reading the articles on the immigration protest, I have made some observations. I hope the American politicians and the American voters have also.The first observation I made is that we live in a great country. No other nation would have allowed people who are in that country illegally to gather in groups of hundreds and thousands and demonstrate against that government. They would have been arrested and escorted out of that country immediately.The second observation is that this group of protesters is demanding that we do nothing to secure our southern border and not pass a law that makes it a felony to enter this country illegally. Was I the only one who thought a law already existed? Does this mean a terrorist could cross the border and only be charged with a misdemeanor? If such a law is passed, they are threatening to hold this country hostage by boycotting their jobs until this country meets their demands.The third observation is one that really opens my mind to the severity of the problem America has at our southern border. One demonstrator said “go ahead and send me home, I will be back in two or three days.” Does this ring any warning bells in the ears of our political leaders about how safe we are?The fourth and final observation I made is that these people are blaming the United States for the deaths of over two thousand people who have tried to enter this country illegally. They held a vigil and read the names of those who lost their lives trying to do so in Boulder. If America is guilty, then who is responsible for the death of the Denver police officer killed and another severally wounded by an undocumented Mexican National? Who takes the blame for the turkey hunter killed here in Garfield County? What about the untold number of rapes, robberies, DUIs and auto accidents that involve undocumented nationals? When you have an open border you have no control over who comes in. When you give blanket amnesty you accept everyone.Just some observations I made.Norm ShrollGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor, The modus operandi of the Bush Administration is to keep the people so fearful that the majority will give up their rights and liberties, which gives the administration even more power over what the people are allowed to know, thereby limiting their power to hold the administration accountable. With all the mileage this administration has milked from the 9/11 tragedy, it makes one wonder who was really behind it.That the president’s party controls both houses of Congress has allowed him to pack the courts and blatantly hold himself unaccountable to any law. In addition, he has expanded the world’s largest military machine, bullied our former allies and threatened the world with pre-emptive war and nuclear first-strike authority, all in the name of God (Allah) and the spread of democracy. Think back to the 1930s and ask yourself, what have we learned? Greg Scott Evergreen

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