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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor, As we in West Glenwood watch the fire plume at the Shell gas station this Easter Sunday afternoon, we first pray that our fire department is safe in fighting this dangerous fire. Then we wonder if there are enough local fire fighters to properly put this fire out quickly as we hear distant fire trucks respond. We could focus on “how did Glenwood get into this shortage of fire department staffing getting insurance company rate hike threats with unacceptable staffing?” So let’s just move forward and don’t find blame.Please, city council, we have a potential disaster, we need an emergency budget increase to hire the number of fire fighters to properly staff all our fire stations here in Glenwood now. Yes, volunteer firefighters would be a great future help in dealing with extra staffing for vacations, training and other needs. But this is not the time to try this as the solution. No money in the budget? Then it is time to cut discretionary budget items rather that risk loss of human life and property. Fire season is upon us. No time to debate.Larry EggersGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor, The Rifle-Silt-New Castle Community Development Plan (RSNC-CDP) Board hereby thanks Antero Resources for its cooperation and participation in the CDP. Antero and its employees, particularly Steve Fontentot and Terry Dobkins, have been forthright in negotiating CDP issues, disclosing drilling plans, keeping community members apprised of drilling and exploration developments, and more. Among Antero’s efforts are its commitment to utilize state of the art drilling practices. It recently provided over $4,000 to fund the mailing of the CDP itself to community members from Rifle to New Castle. Company officials held a public forum to present drilling plans and answer questions from the public. Further, Antero is dedicated to attending the CDP board’s monthly meetings to provide updates on its activities.It is this type of commitment and the putting of words into action that leads the CDP Board to believe that Antero is, and will continue to be, the good neighbor the CDP anticipates. Antero deserves praise for its actions to date, and should be considered the model for other natural gas operators in Garfield County.The RSNC-CDP is a collaborative effort by community members and gas industry to create productive development while minimizing impacts to individuals and communities. The plan’s goal is to create a win-win system by encouraging the gas industry to responsibly develop resources and thereby help maintain the high quality of life that RSNC community members treasure.Antero has taken the first steps toward the plan’s ultimate success. Thank you, Antero.Christy Hamrick, Jim Rada, Brad Plantz, Darrin Magee, Jackie Marincic,Ken Kuhns, Liz Lippitt, Mike MelloRSNC-CDP Board

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