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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,I’m writing in regards to these new outrageous gas prices.I wonder sometimes if the companies or people who price the gas realize that the higher they price gas, the more people will complain. Eventually the prices including the prices now will be so overwhelming that people will have no choice but to drive and end up living off just a few dollars because no one can afford to do anything other than to go to and from work.Shopping will become a last resort (for some it already has) because there will be no money for groceries because everyone’s money is going to gas for their car. And even though I may be young, I still see that more than 50 percent of America’s population is on lower income, and that includes my family. All my family ever talks about is how are we going to afford this or that? Because of these prices, people will end up having to stop driving or end up not being able to afford their house payment, rent, or even their car payment because they have to worry about the gas prices. Stop this madness! It’s ridiculous. A helpful hint to save money is to not completely fill up every time you go to the pump, just put in $10 or $20 at a time.Stephanie Walls, 15Parachute

Dear Editor,There are too many students from Carbondale going to school in other towns. The exact number is difficult to find, but estimates range between 300 and 500. That constitutes a quarter to a third of all the kids in Carbondale, and averages between 25 and 40 kids per grade level. I think this is hard on kids and a terrible human and economic drain for Carbondale’s schools. Something must be done, and it is us, the parents, that must do it.People have left for different reasons, but many are unfounded. Incredible things are happening in Carbondale schools. We have solid administrators, a powerful teacher core, and really great kids. Our schools and students accomplish far too much to mention here. People need to come see for themselves, or talk to the families who attend school locally. Nearly all of the students, parents and teachers will tell you: We have really good schools in Carbondale.We have really good schools, but not great schools. No school can be great unless it is supported by its community 100 percent. We are only supported 60 percent to 80 percent. If we all enrolled our kids in the town schools, then they would be truly great. Think about it. With community support, we could have the best schools in the valley right here in Carbondale.We are approaching the time of year when families make their school choice for next year. Parents of young children, especially, need to be proactive. Enroll your children in Carbondale public schools, then work with us to make our schools exceptional. Myself and most parents I know are keeping our kids here, but we need everyone.If you join the flight away, and you complain about the schools here, you have only yourself to blame. If you choose to stay, then they can ride their bikes to school, stay after for homework help, have their friends nearby, and play sports on the home team in their home town. All that and a great education. Please don’t get sucked away. Support Carbondale’s public schools.Adam Carballeirateacher, CMSfather of two

Dear Editor,Back in 1975, there was a call for volunteers to help in the ambulance department. A few years before, I had taken an advanced first aid class and joined the Sunlight Volunteer Ski Patrol. I was given a pager and picked up the ambulance when paged. There were just a handful of us with very little training, and at times, a local police officer would meet me at the scene of an accident to drive the ambulance while I attended the patient in the back. Eventually, I was made the president of the Glenwood Springs Volunteer Ambulance Service. We started an intensive recruiting program, and over the next two years had built the service to more than 30 people. They were business owners, medical professionals, truck drivers, secretaries, laborers and anyone else who could pass ARC first aid and was interested in helping the community. It seems to me that the city is in the same boat now with the fire department. Mayor Bruce Christensen is right on asking about why there aren’t any volunteers.I believe that the requirement in Glenwood Springs that requires all EMS personnel be EMT certified in the emergency service department is too much to ask of volunteer firefighters. Lots of people want to drive an emergency vehicle and run a fire hose, but don’t care to be an ambulance attendant. Maybe the departments need to be split again, with possibly one chief to coordinate them, but someone who also believes that volunteers can work very well and for a fraction of the cost of a fully paid staff.My message is to open people’s minds and try something that worked well in the past, and still works very well in our neighboring towns. We have apparently created a very expensive monster that has come back to haunt us and needs to be fixed. I believe that volunteers can be made to work again in our town.Let’s all get behind our mayor and City Council and get our fire rating back to something reasonable, and have a crew that can take care of our town again.Joe LlewellynGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,It would not cost the city of Glenwood any money to keep downtown clean if they would have people, like those children that were accused of setting the city’s property on fire, sentenced to sweeping and picking up trash in the city. That way they would not have any free time to be getting into any more trouble. This would be great for anyone who had to do community service. Look Glenwood, free labor to keep the city clean. Linda HarrahNew Castle

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