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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am very upset to think that everyone is making a situation out of the fire that happened to EnCana. Yes, there was a fire. Yes, we watched it from our home on Silt Mesa, and yes, my husband was one of the many people who assisted in the fire being handled. Did I worry about him? Of course. Did I see the black smoke? Yes. Did he or anyone else think about themselves first? No. They wanted to keep it from becoming a serious problem.

We live in a valley where oil and gas is our bread and butter. If you don’t like it, then move. If you want to stay here, then work with these companies, not against them. And remember that there are more people who work in the field then just the big companies.

If it weren’t for the oil and gas exploration, we would be paying a lot more in taxes. But I guess the people who complain don’t care, and have the extra money.

Laurie Murdock


Dear Editor,

We are back from New Orleans, and I want to report on the amazing experience. First of all, we have engaged perhaps the best lineup of music in the 21 year history of the Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz. Starting June 7 and running through July 26, Two Rivers Park will be transformed on Wednesday evening to honor the musical heritage of New Orleans. We start with Dr. Michael White, sage of the southern clarinet and end with the big brass music of The Soul Rebels. In between you will hear Mardi Gras Indians, Zydeco, straight ahead trumpet and cool swing. It really is an unbelievable lineup that reflects the intense diversity of New Orleans.

What we found in New Orleans was an incredible juxtaposition of celebration and devastation. Bob and I were fortunate enough to hear over 50 amazing bands in our quest for music. On the other extreme, we were able to spend five days living in a city that has been totally turned upside down ” community/neighborhoods lost, homes gone ” everything that once was isn’t anymore. We walked through the 9th Ward, the hardest hit area of the city, where we ran into a search team with a “cadaver dog” looking for bodies in totally devastated homes. The current state of affairs in New Orleans is unreal. Yet through all of the adversity and despite the overwhelming task that is before them, the people of New Orleans that we met are ready to bring their city back. It must have something to do with the mentality of dancing at funerals (a New Orleans tradition). We were impressed by their resolve, enthusiasm and strength.

Each one of the more than 60 musicians that are coming here this summer has a story to tell. They are proud of their city and it’s musical heritage. The shows at Two Rivers Park will be memorable. These talented musicians are psyched to be coming here, and their enthusiasm and joie de vivre are contagious. Go to summerofjazz.com to learn more, to hear the music and to donate to the program.

Mary Noone, Director

Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz

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