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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,I would like to defend our American oil industry’s profits in today’s political economy climate.If one advocates a windfall profit tax and eliminating tax breaks (incentives) for our American petroleum industry and accuses it of price fixing, profiteering and price gouging, then Nike representing the sneaker business, Microsoft representing the computer business, Walt Disney representing the motion picture, television and amusement park businesses, and Warner Brothers representing the music recording business should face the same and worse consequences before our American oil and gas businesses are raked over the coals.Which companies charge more for their products and services per production and raw material costs and with draconian zeal exploit foreign labor and our American domestic consumers beyond decency?The answer is clear: the fashion and shoe industries, the entertainment industry, the high tech industry, the real estate and housing developers and importers of foreign made products.An automobile is a privilege to own and drive, not a right. So if you cannot afford to maintain your horseless carriage privilege, then do not blame our American oil barons and wildcatters for your inability to afford your decade-after-decade-seduction by the advertising men on Madison Avenue in New York City for getting your household to buy on credit one, two and three motor vehicles, which stretch you beyond your means.Our U.S. oil industry has subsidized so many for so many decades as others across the globe paid higher prices and still pay higher prices and make greater sacrifices.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Burbank, Calif., and Aspen

Dear Editor,On Memorial Day weekend, the Glenwood Soccer Club will be hosting their annual soccer tournament at the Gates Soccer Complex at the Spring Valley CMC Campus. The soccer club will be collecting old usable soccer cleats and uniforms to donate to the Passback Program.The Passback Program collects used but still playable gear and sends it to teams/organizations who are otherwise unable to afford even the most basic soccer equipment. From a small school in Zimbabwe to an after-school program in inner-city New York, Passback gear has found its way to all corners of the globe. It has grown from one box sent to a family friend, to a program that donated some 30,000 pieces of gear last year.Please have all your players bring their old jerseys and usable cleats tied together and useable shinguards to donate to the Passback Program and the Glenwood Soccer Club will send in all donated equipment. There will be a donation box at the tournament to put the gear in. So clean those closets out and put that old gear to use.While you are up at the fields, enjoy some great competitive soccer while 45 teams with boys and girls from 9 to 14 years old compete on five fields all day Saturday and Sunday. There are teams from all over Colorado competing with each other, showcasing their talents as soccer players. So come up and join the fun starting at 8 a.m. each morning.Any questions call 945-6091.Russell BrownGlenwood Springs Soccer Club

Dear Editor,It seems the ignorant always blast the loudest horns. Mr. Kris gave an alarming argument of abortion being the prime reason we have an illegal immigration problem, stating the unborn children would be working, taxpaying citizens. Blaming liberals and feminists. Are these children without futures? Their parents haven’t the means or the will to keep these poor unwanted souls. If birth control were more easily acquired by the youth of America, we could save on welfare and foster care and avoid abortions altogether. But we have a society that remains steadily aloof, and chooses to preach abstinence instead of giving out free information and promoting safe sex. It is the present government that refuses to except humans are sexual creatures. We have the means to control unwanted pregnancies.I strongly encourage you to support your local Planned Parenthood. Willow LePantoGlenwood Springs

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