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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor, Ross Talbott’s “Out on a Limb” column is worth reading, even when he writes evolution is bad science, trying to prove there is no God, published July 3.To my knowledge, the many sciences involved in the study of evolution are dedicated only to proving that evolution is a fact, not just a very logical theory.Some of the scientists I know worship God. One among them is a genius. They believe God created the universe and everything living in it. They can not accept the big bang or how life began without the creator, God.Scientists involved in the study of evolution, or any other study, tell or write the truth about the outcome of their research, even though it might not be what they expected. This is a blow to them and a bonus for the creationists, who are not short on hyperbole in using anything from science that appears to condemn evolution.Some brilliant scientists give up on evolution because there are so many processes in nature that they can not understand and explain. To them, that means there must be a God; so they pass the buck to Him.Sir Fred Hoyle (b. 1915, d. 2001) an eminent British astronomer, knighted in 1972, wrote many science and fiction books. One of his fiction books, “The Black Cloud,” gives food for thought regarding our best modern minds. “The Black Cloud” tried to educate several of the most powerful minds on earth with disastrous results. Those that were not killed by exposure to such education lost their minds.Hoyle’s message in “The Black Cloud” appears to be Homo Sapiens will have to wait a few centuries before some of them are well enough educated to understand evolution, and tell those of us who want to know, not just believe.In the meantime, let’s not pass the buck to God. He is already overworked. That is why He created mothers to help Him.Dooley P. WheelerRifle

Dear Editor,I urge every single person to go and see Al Gore’s new movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”Global warming is the world’s most severe problem. I’ve been a global environmentalist and Green Party advocate for almost 30 years. I’ve studied and researched the issues deeply, and I can tell you that we are in a planetary emergency here, of which global warming is only one facet – albeit the most catastrophic.Do people know that roughly one-half of the Arctic Ice cap has melted this past 40 years?We need Green (Party) solutions, and we need them now. Vote in Green Party candidates. Green Party incumbents can radically turn things around if put into positions of local authority.As a society on whole, we need to immediately work to wean ourselves off the current hydrocarbon economy. There are energy alternatives out there; one of the most important and classified being “anti-gravitic” propulsion (currently locked up in military black budget labs). With this and other energy sources, we have the ability to create a pollution-free, “everyone cared for,” “all needs provided for,” sustainable, just and healthy world community for all.Steve JonesFrisco

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