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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,I write this letter after seeing the latest graffiti job that blankets a concrete wall on Highway 6 in West Glenwood.As chairwoman of the Historic Preservation Commission and as a native whose family came to the area six generations ago, it angers me to see this.But here is why everyone should be concerned about this problem.It’s called the “broken windows” theory.The idea is that when seemingly minor things like graffiti become commonplace, it leads directly to a more serious deterioration of neighborhoods. When people see that they can spray paint symbols on city and private property whenever they want with no repercussions because they are never caught and their crime is never cleaned up, it leads to further lawlessness and more serious crimes like burglary, rape, and shootings. This is what is happening in our community now.Some of the monikers scrawled on signs and buildings in the area are gang symbols, and it is time we pay attention. I first alerted city officials about this two years ago, and since then, I have repeatedly asked the city to clean up the graffiti. Over the past two years it has gotten more blatant and more frequent. I am not here to point a finger but to be part of the solution.Either we continue to let common thugs dictate what our neighborhoods look like, or Council decides that it is time we deal with this problem as a community.Kim Doosechairwoman, Glenwood Springs Historic Preservation Commission

Dear Editor,I would like to respond to a letter from Bob Anderson in your Thursday, Aug. 10, edition.I have no argument with the significance of the terrorist incidents he cited, but when he places Bush alongside Lincoln and Churchill, that is sincerely preposterous! It is a safe bet that no serious historian will ever make such a comparison. How about Warren Harding or Dan Quayle?Kenneth JonesGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,It’s a sad thing to see those sour old souls rising to the top, thinking they are still nourishing cream. A mural whitewashed, thought gone, lazily unprovoked into level of higher education that are continuously sinking lower and lower. It is sad in whatever way Coal Ridge High School lost such opportunity art has always delivered, be it good or bad. It grieves his God how a self-righteous pastor voices his own jealous covetousness as his voice, when the true voice of Keith Wood’s professed God would tell him (as he did Peter) “Get behind me Satan! Your thoughts are with the world,” and commend the artist Ron Clark for his forgiving nature. Equally grievous is Principal Humble’s (and who else were responsible for such decisions) inability to make a decision and punishing an artist who did. The cost should be taken directly out of your paycheck.But hope is not lost. The students of CRHS can unbound Prometheus and paint the mural themselves. Stealing fire from the self-righteous, self-appointed gods that stifles creative solutions to the future they alone must make.Eric OlanderNew Castle

Dear Editor,Are we to believe that human history, myths and pictorial representations of the same are the work of the devil? It would seem Keith Wood would have us think – no, believe – as such. Surely thinking is no part of such an equation.As a tax-paying citizen of the Garfield School District Re-2, I am deeply ashamed and appalled at Ms. Humble’s decision to paint over this mural. If “it’s (truly) not even an issue anymore” and we are allowing fundamentalists to dictate educational policy, we are in big trouble here at home in New Castle.Ruth BeldaNew Castle

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