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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,In response to the support of banning pit bulls: Banning pit bulls or any breed is not the way to go.Breed specific legislation (BSL) is exactly what it sounds like … regulation of your right to own or, in many cases, not own a dog based solely on the breed or “type” of dog, not your responsibility as an owner. Dog problems are generally problems with owner responsibility and are not limited to breeds. When breeds are singled out as dangerous or vicious, responsibility is removed from the dog owner, which is where it belongs. Irresponsible people are also less likely to follow the law – and as a result, everyone has to suffer.Pit bulls are taking the brunt of these breed attacks. They say that these dogs are aggressive, that they are unpredictable; the responsible dog owners beg to differ. Behind every pit bull is an owner, good or bad. Some people only want to see pit bulls behind bars – or worse, dead. But when did it become guilty before proven innocent. When was it OK to kill puppies all because of who their parents were? Or simply what breed they look like. I am sorry you don’t see the real problem: Dogs cannot sin, that is a privilege exclusive to the human species. You need to get your priorities straight. Promote responsible dog ownership. Quit punishing the breed. Please don’t do this.Say “no” to BSL.Laura Wright-SmithNew Castle

Dear Editor,I’m wondering if other recipients may feel as I do – that they received in error a Public Opinion Survey from Garfield County School District 16.Although this mailing was personally addressed, I’ve reason to believe it was a mistake for me to be on the mailing list. I did not respond, since I’ve found that public opinions on “our” school district matters have minimal effect … and there are many who share this view!However, since this survey deals with a proposed mil levy to construct a new middle school, I must assume that it is extremely important to those in the community who choose to respond. Even though my opinion may be unworthy, I do, as a taxpayer, have a vested interest in the results of the survey. It is a fact, not an opinion, that “our” taxes “finance” schools and “our” votes “elect” school board members. Results need to be known, especially when a survey pertains to tax burdens. Shouldn’t the results of a “public opinion” survey be openly reported to the “public” who responded?Isn’t it reasonable to assume that District 16 will release for publication the detailed results of the 13-question survey, including pertinent “feedback” comments from the participants?Richard DoranParachute

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