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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor:

I plead guilty.

Richard Veit (Letters 8/16) accuses me of hate-speech in what he refers to as my “anti-Moslem diatribe.” I do not hate the religion of Islam and I deeply admire those Muslims who dare to speak out against the Jihadist mentality, courageously calling it a perversion of Islam. Among these incredibly brave Muslims are Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Walid Phares, Ibrahim Youssef and Walid Shoebat.

If it be hate-speech to oppose the Islamic fundamentalism that propelled Saudi Arabia’s religious police to force schoolgirls back into a blazing building because they were not wearing Islamic headscarves and black robes, then I am guilty. If it be hate-speech to challenge the Jihadist ideology responsible for the suicide bombing that killed 241 U.S. marines, and for the attacks of 9/11, then again I am guilty.

If it be hate speech to utter alarm when an Iranian president with nuclear aspirations announces his intention to wipe Israel off the map, or to express revulsion at the leader of Hezbollah remarking that as many Jews as possible should be encouraged to move to Israel so that we can all be killed at once, then, yes, Mr. Veit, you are correct in accusing me of hate speech. I plead guilty.

Judith King

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor:

I must admit that Sue Gray has a point. My account of 5,869 killed by “Muslim extremists” in 30 years is correct. What I failed to indicate is that those were with few exceptions, Americans. Were one to add to that the number of non-Americans killed by extremists, the number would be staggering. Saddam himself had millions of his own people killed. By the way, most of the killing in Iraq is being done by Muslim extremists who could care less if they are killing Iraqis or Americans as long as they get a picture of their terrorist act on the nightly news.

The dominant theme in all of Ms. Gray’s ramblings are appeasement and capitulation. I submit that neither will work when dealing with these extremists, whose intent is to kill as many westerners as possible until we submit to their beliefs. They hate our way of life. They despise the freedom we have to speak publicly about our concerns and our freedom to write a letter to the editor.

Ms. Gray speaks of illegal searches, wiretapping, detention without trial, etc. But she does not speak of mass murder, suicide bombings, kidnappings, beheadings, etc. Why is that I wonder?

If she did of course, she could not make her case. The fact that we have not been attacked since 9/11 can be directly traced to the measures being taken by our government and others to protect the folks. I for one do not think they are doing enough. Does Ms. Gray believe that the recent exposure of a plot by Muslim extremists to blow up airliners leaving England was not the result of some pretty darn good undercover work including some profiling and a wiretap or two?

Wikipedia says, “Terrorism is the systematic use or threatened use of violence to intimidate a population or government and thereby effect political, religious, or ideological change.” That’s why we are fighting this so-called “war on terrorism.” If the terrorists win, Ms. Gray and her ilk will be wearing Burqa’s, reading the Koran and not writing letters to the editor.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor:

Mr. Peters missed my point as he rushed to defend his faith. I will clarify my comment; there’s no hate or anger involved. “Creation Science” is made-up, phony, junk science; it is religion poorly disguised as science and its sole purpose is to insert religion into public education. Those who promote it are unwilling to understand that science is not attempting to prove or disprove the concept of God, merely to explain what is observable. As with politics, faith should not enter into it. Keep your faith in your church, preach it in the streets if you wish; just keep it out of politics and public education and I don’t care what you’re willing to believe. I have no problem living what I teach and I don’t create some tortured construction to foist off on others to get them to subsidize my point of view or make me feel good about what I believe.

My issue with religion has always been directed to fundamentalist/extremists who would force their beliefs on others. The current Christian/fundamentalist Administration is no different than the extremists of Islam and Judaism with whom they struggle and to whom they are related by dogma and history. They all kill wherever they are opposed in their drive to force their perspective on others. How many more bloody examples will you require?

Emotion is one major driving force behind politics, Mr. Peters. If we didn’t feel strongly about it, we wouldn’t bother.

R.W. Boyle

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor:

As a matter of prudence, I suggest that if Sharon Robyn doesn’t want to be misinterpreted that she stop referring to the German people or even their majority as “nationalistic, arrogant, and ignorant.” There are not a myriad of ways that a phrase like that can be interpreted.

That said, while William Shirer produced excellent work on the Third Reich, it remains a singular American point of view from the perspective of a journalist who took most of his information from captured documents. While historically accurate, it is far from authoritative and written from the vantage point of a victor. To gain a more accurate perspective of the German culture that Hitler usurped, I would try the works of Joachim Fest, particularly “Plotting Hitler’s Death.”

A more objective point of view from someone intimately familiar with the German culture would certainly help point out the stark and fundamental differences between the atrocities of the 1930s and 40s and what we see in America today.

While remaining vigilant to fascism and other forces that have the potential to destroy freedoms in this country is certainly prudent, we must be careful to avoid making ill-conceived conclusions and broad generalizations lest the cure be worse than the illness.

Fascism is not the only thing that has the potential to erode American freedoms. Charging our elected leaders with the security of the country then tying their hands at every turn provides us with a scapegoat when we are attacked but cannot alleviate us of the responsibility.

Brian Delaplane

APO (Germany)

Dear Editor:

I just want to offer my services as the Al Qaida candidate for public office. My platform is based, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, on weakening our great country from within … I’m well meaning but hopelessly naive ” please don’t hold that against me. I believe in obtaining warrants and the rule of law (that’ll slow you down … Ha!) Vote for me ” soccer moms and NASCAR dads, I’ll lead your peace-loving kids straight into the nether world of same-sex marriage and drug induced environmental activism. I’m for expanding voter registration rolls and having a (recycled) paper trail for each vote cast. (That’s to give the appearance of democracy). Gotcha! You fell for that one didn’t you?

Let’s see ” I’m in favor of a major realignment of our oil- and weapons-dependent economy. (That should take the heat off).

My favorite foods are French fries and French toast.

I stand ready to serve.

“Larry Tucker, O ” eight, O ” eight, the Al Qaida candidate …”

My name is Larry Tucker and I’m so disgusted with the media and our elected officials that I had to approve this message.

Larry Tucker

Glenwood Springs

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