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Dear Editor,I would like to add to Mr. Doran’s letter in the August 26 issue of the Glenwood Post. First, thank him, for bringing that to “our” attention. I would like to know, why we did not get one of those surveys? Then again living here for 10 years we have seen how this District operates. This does not shock us at their random, choosing of who does and does not get this survey. This District won’t show you what is really there, only what they want us to see.I would also like to know where the bond money went that this District received a mere two years ago? Where are the new lockers for the High School, where are the computers for each and every child to use while at school. Where is the money you have already received from us taxpayers? We will not be voting for this “greed” increase. We do believe it’s time to get a fresh set of ears and eyes onto the District 16 School Board. We are tired of the squandering of our tax dollars. Promises, and smoke screens is what they present, yet in the end, nothing. Just a request for more money.Please, I urge those that have not lived here long like Mr. Doran and we have. Do not vote for this increase. Make our school board and superintendent show us where all the money has gone that they have already received.Wendy Lough Parachute

Dear Editor,I am writing in regard to the recent survey sent by Garfield School District 16.Apparently the decision has been made to ask for approval for bonds to build a new school building because of increased student enrollment. Before the property taxpayers make a decision on how to vote on this issue I believe there needs to be much more information provided by the district and input from the taxpayers as follows:What exactly is the reason for the increased enrollment? Is it because of the influx of children of transient workers in the energy industry? If so it would seem to be much more prudent and less costly to obtain temporary structures since once the area is drilled out these workers will leave the area and the enrollment should go down. Temporary structures would be much more readily disposed of than permanent structures.Is it because of the influx of children of illegal aliens? If so why are legal citizens being forced to provide educational facilities for them? If the dysfunctional Republican/Democrat national government would enforce our immigration laws, we would not have this problem. Why not institute a tuition fee program for the parents of these children instead of forcing the property owners to pay?If the increased enrollment is of a permanent nature, why not build additions to the existing buildings where the basic infrastructure is already in place, which would seem to be much less expensive than creating all new infrastructure and having to hire more administrators.The information in the survey contained the usual bait-and-switch scheme, whereby the taxpayers would not see an increase in their taxes since overall taxes are supposedly going down because of taxes paid by the energy industry. Anytime the government levies a tax it is a tax increase, and an individual will have less money than if the tax had not been levied.It is time that the school hierarchy realize that property owners do not have a bottomless pit of money to be used to finance all their agendas.Garry EvensonParachute

Dear Editor,I have to share my opinion on the pit bull subject. They are an exceptional breed of dog. They are a smart, friendly, loving and potentially dangerous breed of dog. The reason they are so feared is their overall muscle strength. Yes, I believe these dogs have the potential to be raised and taught wrong, resulting in the horror stories we all associate with pit bulls. In most cases the WHOLE story is not told or is a little twisted in favor of the non-pit. Dont condemn the breed. If you do then we need to condemn all dogs, they all have teeth, and they all are potentially dangerous. Do some research. There are several different breeds that people classify under the name pit bull. For example, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier just to name a few. For the people that are against the pit bull breed, do some research before you grab your torches and pitchforks. Knowledge is a great thing. If you still dont like the pit bull breed, then thats your opinion. Thank God we live in the USA.Bethany NewmanRifle

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