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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,I am writing to thank the voters in House District 61 for their support and for honoring me with another term as their representative at the Colorado General Assembly. I am really looking forward to getting to work this January, and will again be serving as the Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources. It promises to be a busy year as I expect that there will be a number of energy and water bills brought forward for consideration.Because I had the opportunity to travel the district this summer I was able to get a lot of good feedback regarding the types of legislation that I should carry. We are allowed to propose up to five bills, and the deadline for submitting requests is coming up fast. I intend to run the following legislation next year:Increase the Species Conservation Trust Fund dollars for managing and protecting endangered species; Double the share of severance tax dollars designated for counties directly impacted by energy development;Refine the mission and makeup of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.I am also considering several other worthwhile proposals that have been brought forward but are not yet finalized.The structure and accurate collection of mineral severance tax and the public health impacts of energy development are two outstanding issues for consideration, as well as program expansion at Western State College, stricter regulation of ATVs and a cost-of-living increase for legislators. In addition, I will be actively supporting Rep. Bernie Buescher’s efforts to increase the general fund reserve in order to put more incoming state revenue into a long-term reserve account.Again, I greatly appreciate the support of the district, and I look forward to doing good work this coming session.Representative Kathleen CurryGunnison

Dear Editor,Depending upon one’s perspective, we may derive many messages from the results of the recent election. There is one message, however, that seems to resonate nationwide. We, the people, are unwilling to perpetuate the rabid partisanship that has torn our national unity apart. Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing. Americans are tired of the negativity and the attacks on our fellow citizens because of political or ideological differences. The two major political parties would be wise to quiet their trumpets for a little while and listen to this message. If not, they may not hear the rumblings of their own demise. Americans are so disgusted, a full 81 percent said in a recent poll that they would vote for a qualified independent candidate. A powerful third party is no longer a political long shot.Locally, there is no better spokesperson for this unity message than Silt Mayor Dave Moore. Dave’s willingness to cross party lines and put local issues ahead of party politics is refreshing and inspiring. The abuse and recriminations he has received from some members of his political party are shameful. Dave is my good friend, and I admire his willingness to speak out on this subject, even though we are in different parties and disagree on many political issues. I stand firmly with Dave on his determination to bring the two parties together. If I had a vote for the most courageous man in Garfield County, I would give it to Silt Mayor Dave Moore. Thanks, Dave. You da man.Duke CoxSilt

Dear Editor,The Historic Preservation commissioners take this opportunity to give the public an update on the new city signage.The sign in the West Glenwood Exit 114 roundabout is not finished. This spring, the city will complete the landscaping in that area, which will hide the grey concrete plinth that surrounds the sign. In addition to that, we will continue to work on the uplighting.The second sign, at the Exit 116 entrance, at the Shell and Village Inn intersection, will go in this week. The commissioners have put a time capsule in the base of that sign.Construction of the third sign, which is planned to sit on an easement beneath Pizza Hut, is scheduled for this spring. Upon completion of the project at that time, the commission will have a public dedication of all three signs.To contact the commissioners please go to http://www.ci.glenwood-springs.co.us/boards/ historic.htm.Thank you.Kim DooseHPC chairwoman

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