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Dear Editor,In a previous letter to the editor on March 31, I wrote about my fears of retaliation from Carbondale’s utilities manager Ed Fortner, stemming from his poaching incident.With the firing of utility worker Tom McClelland, who is now involved in legal proceedings with the town, what I suspected has come to pass – I have been demoted from my original position, with two new hires for the same job I performed. My work environment continues to be increasingly hostile, to the point of harassment from Ed Fortner.On Oct. 13, 2006, while performing my utility duties, I double-parked with flashers on, another employee backed into my truck, while I was a distance away jetting a plugged sewer line. Ed immediately sent the driver and myself for a urine/breathalyzer test. This is a Carbondale employment policy; however, I was not driving or near my truck. It was my first drug test in 11 years of employment, and CIRSA (Colorado Intergovernmental Insurance Provider) only requires urine tests if there is an injury.I am a responsible employee. I had no doubt about the negative result of my test – but I am aware of other incidences where the same response was not requested. Ed even showed up at the scene. The police report agreed my parked vehicle was not the cause, but Ed decided to point the blame in my direction.What about a urine sample from Ed or other policy-exempt town managers?Without adding a litany of other events concerning Ed Fortner’s supervisory abilities, once again I ask the town of Carbondale to check the man’s résumé for honesty and validate his managerial experience, then find a workable replacement for the town’s needs.I recently filed a lawsuit against the town of Carbondale for age discrimination and harassment because of Ed Fortner. I didn’t want this for myself or other Carbondale employees that still are subjugated by the presumed/personal authority role Ed has taken. I feel he has a vendetta for me. This is the reason for my lawsuit!Rich Poulintown of Carbondale employeeEditor’s Note: The Post Independent reported on Oct. 21 that Rich Poulin, a Carbondale utility department employee, filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the town for age discrimination. Poulin, 63, an 11-year employee with the town, also charged he was harassed by his boss, utility director Ed Fortner. Fortner and the town are also the subject of a lawsuit by former town utility department employee Tom McClelland, who has charged he was wrongfully terminated. Fortner was investigated by the town in February for allegedly using a town truck to dispose of a deer carcass he poached from his property near Carbondale. Fortner was fined $1,767 for the poaching by the Colorado Division of Wildlife but retained his job.

Dear Editor,Re: Richard Moolick letter, Nov. 13.One of the things I miss most after leaving Glenwood is the assurance that while I was there I could be assured that my responses to my atavistic pen-pal would get printed. But, alas, the communist press has since suppressed all of my comments, although I have dutifully been in touch online. I admit that as a deserter, I well-deserved such apt punishment from the party press. But sad news, poor Richard, the first thing the Hollywood commies are expected to do is take away the vote of the senile. We both lose. Joseph KaplanDenverPost Independent, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Colo. CO

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