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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,Dennis Gerbaz is correct that “the war to liberate Iraq was more than a decade in the making.” Well before the invasion, the United States was preparing Iraq for military occupation. Four years ago, I was in Iraq with Christian Peacemaker Teams. We toured parts of the country, from north of Baghdad to the city of Basra, visiting neighborhoods, sanitation facilities, hospitals, mosques, Christian churches, and a date farm. The devastating effects of years of economic sanctions were apparent in the run-down condition of once-modern infrastructure. Those sanctions caused the deaths of 5,000 children per month from disease and starvation.In Basra, we endured blackouts and air raid sirens when U.S. bombers flew over the city, and viewed the rubble of ruined buildings recently blasted by our military. We visited a hospital where since the Gulf War, thousands have been treated for radiation poisoning from U.S. depleted uranium weapons.For more than ten years, the United States had bombed, starved, poisoned and bullied Iraq into submission, making it easy for our military to march in and take over. Gerbaz claims Hussein ignored United Nations resolutions, giving the United States the right to invade and depose him. According to International Law, it is illegal to attack a country that has not attacked us first. It’s also illegal to depose leaders of sovereign nations for any reason. It’s now clear that Saddam did comply. No WMDs were found in Iraq. Nothing Hussein did could have prevented the United States from attacking that beleaguered country, as the plans had been drawn up before Bush took office. The people at the Project for a New American Century have long wanted to invade and occupy Iraq, and 9/11 gave them the excuse to do so, even though Hussein was a sworn enemy of al Qaida and was no threat to us or his neighbors. After four years, billions of dollars, 3,000 U.S. soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed, isn’t it about time the American people learn the truth about the motives for this war?Sue GrayCarbondale

Dear Editor,I am writing in response to the untimely, unfortunate death of one of our community members. On Dec. 9, 2006, Lee “Troy” Hise, of Battlement Mesa, passed away. Mr. Hise left behind a wife, Tammie, and four beautiful sons (ages 3 to 11). Our community came together to ensure that the Hise children had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you to all who helped with that effort.Mr. Hise had no life insurance. To help the family in the future, a memorial account has been set up at Alpine Bank. Anyone wishing to make a donation may go to any Alpine Bank and ask for their donation to be placed into the Troy “Lee” Hise Memorial Fund. Thank you and may 2007 bring you many blessings.Deb Cain, school counselorRifle

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