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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,I am a senior in Garfield County. You may know there has been a traditional and historical partnership between seniors and Colorado Mountain College. CMC has sponsored Senior Programs with in-kind contributions, financial contributions, and community support. This has been a very visible and positive relationship for both CMC and the senior community.You may not know CMC anticipates re-negotiation of these agreements with the senior community around congregate nutrition, Traveler transportation, and the RSVP senior volunteer program. One voiced concern is that Senior Programs is not within the college’s mission of “Lifelong Learning.” The senior population is growing at a faster rate than the general population. Our positive and responsible care for seniors and children is an indicator of what our community values.Senior programs and CMC have grown together. CMC was born in 1967. Senior programs began with RSVP in 1972. The Traveler began with a small six passenger van close to that date. The nutrition program was begun around 1981. CMC was a vital part of this process, helping to write the initial grants and providing support and office space.The initial concept of CMC being a community college was simple – what does the community need and how can we assist in filling that need? The community supported CMC’s growth because CMC supported our community.I am seriously concerned about the future of Senior Programs because it is truly a life-sustaining program. It is a critical issue, and I urge you to take part in the discussion. If you are not a senior, do not know a senior, or never have known a senior – you soon will.We are at a vital crossroads, one that will impact and may determine the quality of life for many senior citizens today and in the future. Be a part of this conversation, use your voice, consider your needs as you age and the need of your elder friends.Garfield County needs Senior Programs, which continue to be stable and responsive to growing needs in this important facet of our community. We need your thoughts and voice now.Jan KaufmanGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Until recently, I cared little about the ongoing “problem” of illegal immigrants. I thought of it as none of my business. Why should it have anything to do with me? I was born in New Jersey. I am sure a lot of Colorado natives would like to consider us illegal immigrants, but that law has not yet been passed. The so-called problem did not come to mind until I came here, to the Garfield County Jail. I learned that some of the people being held for months and then deported, have lived here for upwards of 15 and 20 years. They have been contributing to this community just as much (if not more) as any native. Since when has the American Dream become so lost? Have we forgotten the values the Statue of Liberty stands for? What made this country great was the fact that is was established and occupied by men and women who felt oppressed or bogged down by their country’s governments.My people migrated here from Ireland long ago. They didn’t need a visa or passport. They signed their names (had them shortened to an American length) and that was it. They came because it was the land of opportunity and freedom. They received both.Now all of a sudden we consider people who only have to walk here criminals. I think it’s time we re-read the Statue of Liberty, or re-gift it. Wake up, America, before we start acting like the countries our ancestors left. Take it from me, who is truly without freedom.Christopher J. O’SheaGarfield County Jail

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