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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,The AP article titled, “Panel wants a consolidated plan to reform health care” notes that Blue Ribbon Commission members say they “want to issue a consolidated plan on ways the state can provide coverage for 770,000 Coloradans who lack health insurance.” But it is not the proper role of government to “provide coverage,” nor to ensure that everyone in Colorado has health insurance. The commission thinks it knows best, discarding the only free market proposal (called FAIR), considering only proposals which would force more government control and regulation of health care on every person in Colorado, assuming a right to make your health decisions instead of your being allowed to decide. The 208 Commission’s chairman voices concern that TABOR could require the issue to go before the voters – the commission does not want you making your health choices for yourself, and they worry you will reject their plan if you are allowed to choose. The 208 Commission’s proposals would violate your right as an individual to decide how much of your money you spend, which providers you go to and which treatments you get. Their plan would be a disaster for you, for your doctor and for Colorado.To learn more about how government interference caused the problems we face in health care and health insurance, visit http://www.WeStandFIRM.org.Richard WattsHayden

Dear Editor,”You are my best friend.” That’s what one local elementary student wrote on her card, sent in a box of goodies, to Joshua Sandlin of Rifle, who is currently serving in Iraq. This sentiment was truly spoken from the heart of a child.Students from many local schools sent gifts and handmade cards to Colorado troops on Join Hands Day, May 5, a national day of volunteerism designed to bring generations together to serve others. The main theme was “Communities of Character,” with subthemes of “Serving Those Who Serve” and “Kids of Character.”From the Rifle Veteran’s Home to Hometown Heroes in Craig, over 500 people attended the events, honoring our military and their service to our country.Thanks go to the several organizations, students, families, veterans themselves and especially those who wait: the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and children of those who are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.The local Join Hands TeamThrivent Financial for Lutherans, Flattops ChapterSolomon Liston; Chuck Donelan; Janet Pluym; Gregg Smith, Cary Lakeman; Betty Scranton, and Rolf Hermanson

Dear Editor,For too long, the populace has been subject to this administration’s single-minded ideas. If our children had lied to us, there would have been punishment. Let’s take back our country with honesty and integrity.George OlsonGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Coloradans are truly fortunate to have the representation of Congressmen John Salazar and Mark Udall. It was truly a bold step they took recently to call for a one-year funding limitation to halt the immediate leasing of the Roan Plateau for gas and oil drilling.Unfortunately, Representative Salazar is taking a lot of heat from the oil and gas industry because of this action. This is the industry that is reaping record profits. Thousands of acres in Western Colorado have already been leased, and countless others are available for leasing. However, there are certain special areas with wilderness qualities that should be exploited only as a last resort to meet our nation’s energy needs. There should be no rush to lease the Roan Plateau; the gas will still be there when better technologies are available to protect its critical wildlife habitats.The Roan is truly a special place – a place of great biological diversity. Its economic value to Colorado, as unspoiled backcountry, far exceeds the value of the gas it may produce. It supports a multi-billion dollar industry of activities such as fishing, wildlife viewing, camping, and world-class hunting. Places like the Roan Plateau, a part of our great natural heritage, make Colorado so very special. The Roan should be protected for its traditional uses and values, and not exploited for short-term energy gains.Instead of continuing the push for more fossil fuel to burn, our nation needs to invest more in developing clean, alternative energy sources. This is ever more important today, to stop the projected devastation of our planet by global warming. It is time our country stopped its insatiable craze for fossil fuels, and develop a new energy future based on renewable energy sources.Congressman Salazar is reaffirming the many years of public input – the voices of our communities and over 70,000 people who responded during the previous comment period. He needs our support for the bold stand he has taken. He is doing the right thing. Please write or call and urge him to continue his fight for permanent protection of the Roan. Bob MilletteGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Your May 23rd headline could have read “CDOT Officials in Town Describe Sad State of Highway Program in Western Colorado.” But don’t blame the CDOT officials appearing before the county commissioners for the almost total lack of a modernization program in our area. They are doing the best they can with the resources provided.Two entities can be blamed. First, our state legislature, which year after year ignores the mounting problem. Second, the citizens of our state who don’t demand that a solution be properly funded.Here’s a contrasting example. When citizens of Maricopa County, Ariz., grew tired of increasing congestion and high accident rates, they agreed to a one-half cent sales tax, which since the early 1980s has financed the construction of a beautiful and efficient freeway system serving the Phoenix area, costing several billions of dollars.No one likes an increase in taxes, but without new money dedicated to modernization, Colorado highway users will be driving dangerous and obsolete highways for another 50 years.Dick ProsenceMeeker

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