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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Before I read your opinion column, I knew I had to write my feelings about this issue. I was heartsick to read about the insensitive and stupid people at Ami’s Acres who caused the bear’s death. I am also very, very sorry about the small boy’s death in Utah last week. It all seems to boil down to no feeding or encouraging wildlife to be comfortable around people. But what also upset me greatly, was to learn that not only won’t these people be fined, but they have moved to my town of Carbondale. We have a resident fox, reports of bears in town, and occasional coyote and mountain lion sightings. So Carbondale certainly may have some problems in the future. Apparently Garfield County does not have ordinances in place to do anything to ignorant people who abuse animals. I have recently had the honor to be asked to be on the board of CARE (Colorado Animal Rescue), and am committed to animal rights everywhere in Colorado. I would like to offer to personally circulate petitions to greatly increase fines and punishments for people who endanger our wonderful wildlife. I would also appreciate e-mail addresses for any Department of Wildlife or other agencies who can make a difference. Maybe we can stop the horrible killings of both animals and children, caused by irresponsible adults.Holly GlasierCarbondaleIndustrial civilization has no values at allDear Editor,I’ve found it strange how the pontificators of overpopulation always quote both the gross number of human beings and the infant mortality rates of the most populous continents, and then never dare subtract one sum from the other. Likewise, they don’t subtract the toddler, child nor adolescent mortality rates, especially in regions where entire adult male populations have been decimated to the point where warring factions are forced to snatch children to fight for or against corrupt governments propped up by industrial powers solely to fleece the populace of its resources and any sustainable way of life. They don’t subtract those victims of famine created by the same greedy industrial farming practices that created our own dust bowls, nor will they ever subtract the endless victims of non-Jewish genocides nor the Iraqi and Afghani civilians we kill with our 25-100 sorties flown every single day, because every Arab is a possible terrorist to the White House, Congress, and Defense Department, save the Saudis, of course.Hal Sundin and his ilk figure their figures this way because they cannot face the real horror that western exploitation makes it so impoverished people must have 10 children in the small hope one shall survive industrialization long enough to carry on one’s name. For to quote the net means, we must face the fact our so-called “greatest” generation (and their “boomer” children) has done far more to destroy the future of humanity than to advance it.The sad thing is it never had to be this way. But because the West chooses to be so ignorantly self-indulgent, the only values we value are those reduced to dollars. Showing industrial civilization has no values at all.Eric OlanderNew CastlePeople use roads regardless of high gas pricesDear Editor,Driving through Glenwood Canyon the other day on a packed two-lane highway, it suddenly occurred to me that this is what it would have been like if the opponents to a four-lane had been successful. I recall the chief spokesman predicting that gasoline would soon be $2 per gallon, and therefore fewer people would be driving, and a four-lane was not needed. It would be rewarding to hear anyone in this opposing group publicly admit a four-lane is needed even with gas at $3.50.Dick ProsenceMeeker

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