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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder – wonderful, maybe we will get some rain. What a great feeling to wake up in a safe town, in a beautiful state, created by God, in the greatest nation on earth.But all is not well, and I’ve needed to write this letter to rebut a letter written by Dooley Wheeler on June 13 in the Post Independent.Mr. Wheeler, you say, “Vote right.” Are you serious? The right voted wrong in 2000 and 2004. And those elections have caused our country to suffer serious damage. Americans are tired of being run by hayhands and a diabolical mastermind like Karl Rove. How could 60 million plus voters be wrong? Here’s how. By believing lies and fabrications, and with the help of a conservative Supreme Court. I have names for these people. George “Obdurate” Bush, Tricky Dick Cheney, Donald “Obfuscate” Rumsfeld. Liars, all. And, who can really believe our sitting-duck president was a “born-again Christian?” The first of many lies.It is fitting and right that after such immoral, unethical, criminal behavior by the Bush administration, we select a leader who has vision and loves America. Who will lead us honestly and effectively, and restore our place in the world as the democracy we are. It won’t be easy.But I do believe the last six-and-a-half years has had a positive effect. We now have Sen. Salazar, Rep. Salazar, Gov. Bill Ritter and a host of other people ready and trying to establish control in state and federal houses and senates.So, Colorado, get it straight in 2008. Colorado blue and America, too!Marvin M. WaganerRifle

Dear Editor,I love seeing my tax dollars hard at work. It’s a well-known fact that Silt will be getting a round-about in the near future. What stupidity has the Colorado Department of Transportation repaving through that intersection when it will just be torn up sometime within the next month or two? What a waste of taxpayer dollars for the labor and materials that are going into that project. They should be ashamed of themselves. Audrey ThorntonSilt

Dear Editor,A recent report from U.S. counterterrorism analysts shows that al-Qaida has recovered to its pre-September 11th strength. Despite these frightening findings, President Bush has deemed this information irrelevant while he continues to send troops to Iraq. Iraq has served as a deadly distraction from the real threats we face. The administration’s report of progress in Iraq demonstrates the depth of its denial. Our efforts should be focused on al-Qaida, and the Iraq war never should have been authorized.Again President Bush is saying black is white, and stubbornly refusing to look at the realities of the costly, destructive path on which we continue to let him lead us. It is time we change direction for the safety and integrity of our country.Pattison Esmiol, M.D.Glenwood Springs

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