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Dear Editor,Lets get real! We dont elect presidents because they are honest or have integrity, but because of the quality of the lies they tell. Appearances are what matter in this age of rampant disinformation, for we dont really want to know how wrong the self-righteousness of our self-interest is, as we go about claiming new markets to insure the continuance of our consumer lives. Ike knew this, so he lied to us by spending all this time on the golf course, as we went about retooling an ally into an enemy. Insuring the war machine, our economy has always been and was utterly depended upon, churning out a profit margin befitting this Greatest Power of the new business model of first, second and third worlds.Our present troubles arent new as both the reactionary left and rationalizing right lead us to believe. This Gulf War isnt a new war, but a continuation of the first; after the warfare of sanctions ran its course. This is the continuation of the market-stabilizing formula of destabilizing third-world competitors (destroy all competition), which includes keeping Israel in a continuous state of war.Change needed a slick liar, so Clinton fit the ticket. Keeping the press busy with a sex scandal while bombing infrastructure in Iraq and preparing it for invasion when sanctions ran out. Conservatives live in a deeper state of denial, so our present pathological liars (repeating over and over the same proven falsehoods) are good enough to keep them believing we really import freedom and democracy rather than hoard for ourselves.The reality is, we elect liars to shelter us from the truth of our abuses. Thomas Jefferson wrote: All men are created equal, but wasnt about to free his slaves when he had a mansion to build. Likewise, we arent going to elect an honest president or anyone who can function as the court jesters of old, because first wed have to admit what weve advertised as advancing freedom and democracy is nothing but over two centuries of lies.Eric OlanderNew Castle

Dear Editor, In the July 19 article concerning the Elk Meadows project, company vice president Mr. Will Humphrey was quoted as believing neighboring homeowners thought their plan for Bershenyis Ranch was thoughtful and well-conceived. I think he would be surprised at how many of us actually disagree with his assessment. As part of the large turnout at the June P&Z public meeting, I was struck by the appearance of a stage-managed process to push this PUD through. For example, the audience was told by the P&Z board this process would involve two stages, and citizens could not ask questions about the proposed density details until after the first stage of changing the Master Plan zoning to high-density was decided. Only after the board tossed that part of the countys plan did the developers finally reveal a completely different plan from any they presented to all previous public information meetings. Most of us are concerned with keeping the safer rural feel necessitated by substandard, inadequate County Road 117, rather than loading it up first and fixing it later, if ever. Who hasnt had close calls with trucks racing around the dip south of the farm? Until theres some professional road planning applied to CR 117, its hard to see how the increase in density proposed in this project, let alone that of the upcoming Sunlight ski area project, can be seriously entertained. The fact that the Land Partners managed to convince the entire P&Z board to join them in ignoring the surrounding citizenrys concerns about proposed density and inadequate road conditions shouldnt be taken as a referendum of approbation up this corridor. Thankfully, commissioners Trsi Houpt and John Martin applied their more far-sighted wisdom. Many of us hope they will be better served by the P&Z in the future. Were also grateful for the extraordinary, single-handed efforts on the part of former assessor Ken Call, to visit each homeowner and give us the opportunity to sign his petition to be heard on these matters. Mr. Humphrey should read it sometime.Rick HillearyGlenwood Springs

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