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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Like many, I wasted my time watching the seemingly no-end presidential debacle … sorry, I meant “debate.”Long before it became a political boondoggle, debate was a well-respected, formal method of interactive and position representational argument, as defined by Wikipedia. Participants were questioned and required to explain their stances on issues or questions.Our presidential debate format does rely on meaningful questions intended to determine specific positions, but these questions seem to serve only as an invitation for candidates to (a) change the subject, and (b) expound in the form of a campaign speech rather than answer the question.What a joke. By the time a candidate is finished with the “non answer,” I have usually forgotten the question!With modern electronic technology, there are two techniques that could improve the honesty and accuracy of the these candidate’s claims.First, start by asking only yes or no questions, and require timed, “push button” responses. If either a “yes” or “no” is not registered within five seconds, an electrical shock is administered until the answer is obtained.Second, a simple “why” would follow the yes or no answer, and then a polygraph (lie detector test) would record the candidate’s physiological responses as each explained the reason for his or her position. OK, I admit that there is a flaw in my program! Yes, it is highly conceivable that most of our candidates are such good liars, that they could probably beat the system. God Bless America.Richard DoranParachute

Dear Editor,In what has become an annual update in the saga of the missing Mountain Fair slides, here’s the latest development.I am offering a $50,100 reward for information leading to the slides’ recovery. The first $100 will be paid at the time of the actual recovery. The remaining $50,000 will be paid $1 per year for the next 50,000 years.This is no joke (except for the $50,000 part), and I’m challenging the Carbondale Council on the Arts and Humanities to kick in $1,000 or more to help sweeten this reward pot.The following people were associated with CCAH or the Mountain Fair in the 1990s (the time period in which the slides apparently went missing) and might know something about their whereabouts: Thomas Lawley, Lon Winston, Chris Bank, Vickie Browne, Marilyn Murphy, Gayle Travis-Mortel, Bob Donlan, Marcella Ach, Russell Hedman, Russ Criswell, Becky Chase, Donna Gray and Renee Maggert.The photographers whose slides are missing include: Becky Young, Patty Barry-Levy, Mark Gamba, Rich Clarkson, Dyke Peterson, Denny Defibaugh, myself and others.Chaz (or Charles) Evans was hired in 1991 to compile these slides for a retrospective slide show at the end of Mountain Fair that year. He might be living in Buela, Colo., or somewhere else around the state, but I have been unable to contact him.These slides are important pieces of Carbondale history. If you think you know where they are, please call me at 963-1549.Lynn BurtonCarbondale

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