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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,In the past, I have heard rumors of interoffice affairs, nepotism, contractors and citizens alike having experienced bad attitudes from certain staff members, and trustees’ wives posting confidential information on Internet blogs. Come on, will some of us ever grow up?Maybe we should be questioning the actions and motives of the recent accusers.On a different note, over the past four years that I have been a citizen of Silt, I have seen many good people getting involved and making changes so Silt will grow with the booming valley. We need to focus on the positive changes that the town is having and will continue to have. I would like to thank our mayor, Dave Moore, for all the good he has brought, not only to Silt, but the rest of the valley. This includes encouraging all the mayors from Aspen to Parachute to band together to face issues like the energy industries that affect all of us. I would also like to thank the past mayor, John Evans, commissioner Bev Thompson, trustees Keith Woods, Doug Williams and the late Dennis Mahan for all the great things they have done to make this a great community to live in. Many of the changes we have seen and will see would not happen if it were not for these people. We need to support the great people that have made our community what it is today.Brad PlantzSilt

Dear Editor,The Post Independent editorial (July 27) perpetuates a misstatement of the law. It is not true that “the state Supreme Court sided with Gunnison County” in litigation over its oil and gas ordinance. The Supreme Court declined to grant review sought by Gunnison Energy and the COGCC with respect to the decision of the Court of Appeals – which upheld certain rulings made by the District Court, and reversed others. As a result, the case has been remanded to the trial court for reconsideration based on a more fully developed evidentiary record. In order for the Supreme Court to “side” with Gunnison County, it would need to grant the petition for review, consider the briefs, hear oral argument, and affirm the decision below. None of that happened, and the court’s decision not to review the matter has no precedential value. Ken WonstolenFULBRIGHT & Jaworski L.L.P. DenverEditor’s note: The court sided with the county in the sense that it turned down a request for review by an energy company and COGCC, as Mr. Wonstolen indicates. Opinions differ as to the decision’s long-term legal implications. At least for now, Gunnison County’s ability to regulate the industry stands because of the court’s decision, which county officials say is a legal victory.

Dear Editor,When Marshal McLunan declared the media was the message, we were already a full half-century into the age of social control through public relations (i.e., advertising). What everyone still seems to fail to learn from McLunan’s belated pronouncement is, when the means of dissemination are construed as the ends, there is no content to disseminate. All answers are non-answers.We seem mystified that the presidential debates (run by media pundits posing as journalists) lack substance, when it can be no other way. For, if content is allowed, the media ceases to be the message, and either science or God must return to opiate the masses.It’s no surprise these debates are nothing but window-dressing. A slick and ever-changing veneer, always covering a multitude of sins committed and/or of omission. Just look at the supposed debates taking place in Congress.We can’t blame the politicians really, for they are only civil servants, and like any civil servants (at any level of government) the oath they are expected to swear by is cover your rear-end at all costs. Even if the cost is thousands of soldiers’ lives, hundreds of journalists and private contractors and hundreds of thousands of the enemy’s civilians, over the course of so-called two Gulf Wars joined at the hip by the warfare of sanctions.Mr. Doran may be too cruel in his Cerlettian approach to extracting right answers from Pavlov’s candidates, with electric shock for the typical non-answer. We can’t dupe ourselves into being just like those pseudo-science apostles who have been busy conducting this century’s inquisition in psychopharmacology and disease invention, to squash (covertly) all future dissent, like LSD did in the ’60s, so as to keep the media the message and the masses lobotomized. For after all, Orwell, when describing 1948 in his book “1984,” was merely waxing nostalgic about times long lost behind the veil of freedom and democracy by those keepers of bedlam.Eric OlanderNew Castle

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