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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,The recent article, “Moore says less is better in 2007,” stated Mayor Dave Moore said, “… he has made some procedural violations – such as letting someone talk too long during the citizen comment period – but nothing more than that.”At the November 27, 2006 board meeting, Moore did indeed violate municipal code during public comments.But wait, there’s more.At the July 9 board meeting, Moore was asked to recuse himself from discussion of the Siltwood project due to a conflict of interest, a violation of municipal code of ethics. Although he was a noticed property owner within 200 feet of the project, he refused, a violation of state statutes. Board action was required to remove him from the discussion.As documented in Detective Taylor’s investigation report, Moore repeatedly interfered with employee issues in violation of the employee handbook, code of ethics and home-rule charter. The town administrator and the community development director resigned as a result of his interference.At the April 25 Stillwater special hearing on metropolitan districts, Moore did not conduct a fair and impartial hearing, a violation of municipal code. Instead, he presented a 30-minute presentation detailing his opposition before the board voted. Board action was required to restore the meeting to order.In December 2006, Moore repeatedly violated the Colorado Open Meetings Law (Sunshine Law), by discussing and soliciting decisions via e-mail on the Stillwater Metropolitan Districts and the River Park issues, both pending before the board. The practice continued even after he was warned.These violations exhibit a pattern of misconduct in office which Moore has been repeatedly warned about, yet his behavior continues.Imagine you are an applicant bringing an issue before the board. Instead of a fair hearing, you arrive with the deck stacked against you. Then the mayor speaks out against your issue, using up most of your allotted time before you can be heard.Elected officials swear an oath to uphold the law. Mayor Moore has repeatedly violated the law and his oath of office. For such breach of public trust, he should be recalled.Peggy TibbettsSilt Recall Petition committee member

Dear Editor,Originally addressed: Dear citizens of Glenwood Springs,Our town is under siege! Our newspaper often reads like that of major cities. We are under invasion by criminal elements of every variety. It is our duty as law-abiding citizens to help our law enforcement regain control of this small mountain community. We have to stand up now to this criminal element that would have us cower in our homes while they take over the streets. We don’t have to become a community living in fear. Let’s stop it now, nip it in the bud. Get involved by reporting suspicious activity with a simple 911 call. Let’s give our law enforcement the backup they need to get this lawlessness under control. It’s our community to save, let’s save it!George Blocker, Colorado Law Enforcement Graduate, 1993Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I was appalled to read your blatant advertising for a Humvee printed as an article in your automotive section. Global warming is caused by people’s behavior of burning fossil fuels in excess of our planet’s capacity to absorb the resulting C02. A Humvee is a horrendously inefficient vehicle when it comes to fuel. The article did not even mention how few miles per gallon it gets, only how great it was to climb steep hills. Please use some responsible ethics in what car reviews you choose to print. If someone on your staff got taken out to test drive a Humvee at least include the socially and environmentally relevant information, that this car, above all others, is leading to increased greenhouse gases, climate destabilization and creating a risk to the very planet your writer likes to climb on. Locally we face destruction of the Roan Plateau by gas and oil exploration. Many local ranchers have had to leave their homes due to destruction of water supplies, peace and quiet by this hungry quest for more fossil fuel. I ask that you not use your non advertising portion of the paper to encourage consumption of irresponsibly designed products. You have the power to expose the public to useful and ethical information. Use that power wisely.Illene PevecCarbondaleEditor’s Note: Every Saturday, the automotive section features articles on a variety of vehicles. These articles are provided by outside reporters and columnists, and not by Post Independent staff writers.

Dear Editor,My second visit to America is coming to an end. Last time I was here as an exchange student. I really enjoyed it, so ever since I went back to Ukraine I was looking forward to coming back. But, to be honest, it turned out to be completely different than I expected. I came to native towns of Silt, Rifle and New Castle with intentions to see my friends, to improve my English as it’s my major, and work to make up quite a sum I spent on a ticket. But a lot of my friends were not here and even more were too busy working. I did find a job, but it was a lot harder than I expected. I faced all these complicated American laws that can’t be violated, and in addition to relatively small portions of English, I ended up speaking Spanish and Polish most of the time.So, it was different but great experience this time and I enjoyed it so much. I found a lot of new friends and had a wonderful time. Two months flew so fast, and now I am leaving until next summer with a heart full of happiness and gratitude to the nicest people who made my visit so great. First of all, Svetlana and John Evans, with whom I stayed and became a part of the family, my friends Vanessa and Stephanie and their great families, my demanding and friendly bosses and all the nice and hungry customers of Subway, and nice, smiling City Market workers, thank you.See you next year.Olesya BufanSilt

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