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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,It’s a sad day for the world when the citizens of our country believe impeachment will absolve us of our sins. Especially since that tool of democracy had been purposely blunt via its misuse during the previous administration.Impeaching the latest co-conspirators in this long-running deceit (pursued in earnest with the slogan: the War to End all Wars, when industrial markets married the huge profits of industrialized warfare) will do very little to change the status quo of empire building – now affected through the borderlessness of multinationals. For Bush and Cheney’s little war is nothing more than a continuance of an entire history of war. This Iraq is just the third phase of Daddy Bush and Carter’s Gulf War. All strategically planned movements of the chess pieces, after the fall of the Shah of Iran. After all, control of the oil that fuels the industrialization of warfare is what keeps you at the table and ruling via proxy dictator only works in America proper, these days.It may make us feel good in our outrage and impotency (now the covert game has become once again overt) by rallying behind the upside-down flag, but it remains only the feeble gesture employed merely to let ourselves off the hook, by blaming somebody rather than admit we are a nation founded via warfare; sustained via constant and continuous warfare, and will surely collapse if we don’t continue to be involved in some form of empire-building warfare, because it remains so much of our economy.Nothing less than a total paradigm shift will bring peace. Especially now that this one we’re in is to provide two fronts in which to provoke Iran and keep the markets of warfare prosperous for evermore. See what the Saudis are getting for Christmas.Eric Olander New Castle

Dear Editor,Although I respect the opinion of the Post Independent editorial board regarding the issues facing the town of Silt, I believe that you would see things differently if you had been doing business with some of its key representatives during the past several years. I feel your opinions reflect overly simplistic perspectives, which are harmfully idealistic, instead of realistic points of view based on years of personal experiences and well-documented public records.My life partner, Barry Bovee, and I have been residents of Silt since 2001 and operate several businesses here. We feel our affairs with the town of Silt have been filled with far too many inconsistencies and too much rudeness, which invariably resulted in a great deal of frustration and the loss of a lot of time at a significant cost.Approximately two years ago, I was appointed to a position on the Silt Board. My hope of bringing more business savvy to Silt diminished in three months of exhaustive efforts, after which time I resigned.Dave Moore was elected as a Silt trustee around that time, after his earlier removal from the Planning and Zoning Committee for reasons that were reflected in my subsequent personal experiences with him. During the winter of 2005-06, he offered his assistance to me and Barry as a representative of the board in dealing with a problem. We declined, only to learn that he acted against our wishes, leaving us feeling frustrated, manipulated and tired in his personal agendas again. More significant, however, is the fact that everything stated by the Silt Recall Petition Committee supporting Mayor Moore’s recall is documented in the public records from the time I sat on the board, just as from previous and more recent times. With all due respect, I see an ongoing problem that Dave Moore has not been able to resolve for years. His resignation seems like the wisest choice, although I support his recall. My concern is that Silt will miss the boat carrying the treasures of this time of golden opportunities if it continues without new, creative, efficient, and effective people at its helm, generating the kind of excitement and enthusiasm that electrifies a community when truly good things are happening.Roxan JakarySilt

Dear Editor,The city leaders of Glenwood Springs want to spend up to $200,000 to study the south bridge. What is amazing to me is that the proposed bridge at the proposed (general) site area is not in the town limits. It is in the county and outside of the city’s limits. The town wants to spend this money because: (a) There is the promise of some federal money that is burning a hole in their pockets; (b) They are benevolent and want to spend money on a bridge that is not located in the city to solve a problem created by people that do not live in the city?; (c) They have plans to eventually connect Midland to this area anyway, and this is a back door way of doing it?; or (d) they don’t know what the heck they are doing?People of Glenwood Springs, do you want your tax dollars spent on a study and construction of a bridge that will be built outside of city limits and will mostly serve county, not city, residents?People in Park East, Park West, Cardiff, those who live along Midland Avenue and the Red Mountain area, do you want a fairly direct connection between your neighborhood, Highway 82 and the interstate? Midland will become a direct route and the obvious choice for many to use. This bridge will not be the benefit to the community that it proposes to be, it will cause far more problems than it creates.Call the city manager, call your council representative, tell them we don’t want the bridge, we don’t need more traffic (traffic that the police already have trouble controlling because of manpower problems … see recent Post Independent article).Protect our neighborhoods first.Rick DavisGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I would like to second the letter from Jackie Yadloski, entitled “Send the illegals home.” It seems to me that no one until now is really noticing that 90 percent of the crimes committed in this valley are by the Latino community. Our kids have to go to school and are required to learn their language, yet they come to our businesses and “No habla Inglés,” and expect us to know exactly what they want. They are rude, and let their kids run around and touch, cough and rub their snotty hands on everything, and the parents do absolutely nothing.It seems odd to me that they can beat up our kids at school, shoot our police officers, break in to our businesses, steal, lie, and hold up the lines at Wal-Mart wiring paychecks straight to Mexico, and yet we are called racist if we say anything about it. I, too, pay rent, insurance, and have medical and other expenses, that I sometimes can’t afford month-to-month on my two paychecks. I have two jobs. A friend of mine was driving through town the other day and saw three Latino kids on bikes. They stopped in the park, and one of them whipped down his pants and started urinating … right there in the middle of the park. That is disgusting. And this was not the first incident I have heard about concerning disgusting, bad behavior.So basically I think that if you are going to live here, use our resources, and whatever else, that you should be more respectful to the natives, learn the language, and be more productive members of society in a good way, or get out! Shannon McKenna Rifle

Dear Editor,Where will it end? Do the Basalt Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council really think it’s OK to allow big city level density within the urban growth boundary? The town has already taken steps to limit sprawl by specifying small lots in developments and maintaining some open space within Basalt’s three-mile planning area. Now, unfortunately, there are some who feel Basalt must keep growing at a record pace until the town has lost its small-town identity and livability. This narrow rural mountain valley with its limited supply of water cannot, and should not, become another metropolis. Everyone probably recognizes that there must be some limit. Presumably, no one wants a couple of hundred thousand people in the valley. If we have to say “no” at some point, why not say “no” while the valley is still livable?As for the Willits developer’s claims that he must be allowed to build a multiplicity of units in order to be able to afford a Whole Foods or some other desirable feature, do we have to take his word for it? After all, while the developer’s expenses have gone up, so too has the amount of money he is getting for the existing lots and lofts. Basalt should adopt Aspen’s new policy of requiring developers to allow an independent outside expert review their financial information. After eight years on the Basalt Town Council, I have learned to be very skeptical of developers’ claims. If they have nothing to hide and they really couldn’t build, they shouldn’t object to an outside review of their “books” (keeping the details confidential).It is time for Basalt to realize that it’s in the big leagues and play the game accordingly.Anne FreedmanBasalt

Dear Editor,I don’t understand why it’s so hard for everyone to realize that illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal. If I witnessed you not stopping at a stop sign and I wished that you would get a ticket, does that make me prejudiced? I think not.I do not think of it in terms of “us vs. them,” but I have very strong feelings about “legal” and “illegal.”The law is the law. Most laws are black and white without any room for gray.I believe that if we don’t get our police officers and other legal systems some help and stiff laws to enforce, this world is going to go to hell in a handbag.Jackie Yadloski Carbondale

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