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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,As longtime Four Mile Road residents, my wife and I have become concerned at the emergence of a group of wealthy, newly arrived neighbors who have organized to fanatically oppose the development of any affordable housing whatsoever in the Four Mile Road corridor.Their battle cries are “high density destroys rural character,” “Four Mile Road could become overburdened,” and lately, “carbon footprint.”It’s hard to buy these arguments. Years ago, we lived in a Boston suburb where roads identical to Four Mile Road in construction and shoulder width carried 5 to 10 times the daily traffic volume of Four Mile Road.”Carbon footprint” is certainly a twisted argument as used by this group, inasmuch as the carbon footprint of a family living in a large home (and, typically, driving large SUV) in terms of energy consumption per person for heating and gasoline is far greater than that of a family living in a small home, a townhome or an apartment.The true agenda of these people became apparent when my wife and I were solicited, a few years ago, to sign a petition opposing any high density development at Four Mile Ranch. When we told the solicitor that we were in favor of at least some component of high density (and therefore affordable) housing at the four Mile Ranch development, we were told that providing such housing could bring us “undesirable neighbors” – meaning, it was perfectly clear to us, anyone who couldn’t afford to spend around $500,000 or more for a home.This group of new arrivals has both lots of money and the time to be very vocal. The purpose of my writing this letter is simply to ask the Garfield County Commissioners and the Glenwood City Council to resist – at least to some extent – the arguments of this group, and to not sell all of Glenwood’s scarce remaining land to wealthy newcomers, thereby – in effect – disenfranchising most of Glenwood’s longtime citizen and public servants, who by no means can afford the type of extravagant housing that these people are fanatically promoting.George A. ThatcherGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I have been reading the Post Independent every day for the last couple of weeks. It seems to me that there are a lot of letters written toward Hispanics. It is truly sad to see all these letters, most of them saying that illegals are criminals. That is certainly not the case. There are two kinds of Hispanic groups. Those who, like me and my family, have come to the United States to better our lives and our futures. We are most definitely hard-working, and serve as productive members to this community and society. Then there is the other group of Hispanics, who complicate and make things harder for the honest, hardworking “illegals.” This is the group that most people are describing as they are writing hate letters toward illegal immigrants. These immigrants are the ones who are committing horrible crimes in our community, and creating a horrendous name for illegals that are living here today. In my opinion, it doesn’t seem fair that all illegals should be blamed for the stupidity and ignorance of others, and by this I mean the ones who are responsible for committing the crimes that have been occurring more often. Maybe it is true that a high percentage of the crimes in this valley are being committed by Hispanics, not necessarily illegals; but again, that is the group of people who don’t value why they are here in this great country. These are the gang-bangers who don’t have respect for anyone or anything, especially not for their own race of people, and not for the laws of this country.In my case, I have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for the last 14 years of my life and I have truly lived a respectable life in my community, and to my surprise I have never before seen and heard so much misconception, anger, and hate toward illegal Hispanics. Omar MancinasGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,A year ago people came from up and down the Valley to join the Prius Parade – 16 Priuses and other hybrids, a mini-car and a bio-diesel truck – for Basalt River Days. This year the town parade will also include the rainbow-colored BioBus (decorated by students in the Valley), which is slated in 2008 to go across country to New York City using waste vegetable oil, bio-diesel, and solar energy.Efficient vehicles can assemble by 11:15 sharp Saturday, Aug. 18, in Basalt. Follow bright green signs to the parking lot, River View Offices, Elk Run & Two Rivers Rd., Basalt, to parade down Main Street after the fire engine and town Prius.Karen Signell

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