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Letters to the Editor

Dear Fellow Board Members and Friends:It is with great respect that I wish thank you for the opportunity to serve on the RFSD Board of Education, however, with a deep sense of loss, I wish to let you know that I no longer intend to run for the District D seat this fall. I have recently accepted a position with the Aspen Community Foundation, and it is important that I respect the overlapping interests of the organizations, and the necessary attention to ethical funding relationships. My time on the Board has offered me great insight into the complexity of the decisions made on a local, district, state and national level, and I have thoroughly enjoyed participating with the Board as well as the District Leadership Team as you work tirelessly to provide the best educational opportunities for all students. The Board and Administration carry responsibility for enormous business management and collaborative decisions, creative and innovative curriculum and assessment planning, holistic and ethical social justice issues, and each and every one of the students we serve. Although I have always respected the commitment of your positions, it was impossible to grasp the scope, depth and complexity of the work that is done until I participated in the process. It is a privilege to work with a team of such intelligent, dedicated and innovative educational leaders, and I continue to support your direction, intention and process. I am excited about the new career opportunity I have accepted with the Aspen Community Foundation, and believe that it is only ethical for me to avoid overlapping interests. I look forward to finishing my term on the Board, and will participate in the future via the role of an educator, and most importantly, a parent. I truly believe that good public education is one of the most valuable methods available through which our collective collaboration can attend to this vulnerable little planet of ours. Thank you again for your work, and for the incredible experience of participating with such a committed and visionary group of professionals. Sincerely,Sonja LinmanGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Re: The article, “Bear Management begins at home,” Post Independent Aug. 13.No, it does not!It begins with setting aside enough areas to sustain wildlife free of encroachment by developers and exploiters, where wildlife is sovereign and human animals enter at their own risk.The question is: Do we want to share the earth with other life forms or not? It’s almost too late to take a vote on that.There is also an argument in here for control of immigration numbers, as you can see if you walk out your door.Lorraine GilmoreParachute

Dear Editor,I came across a couple of fascinating diatribes to the Post Independent recently. You just gotta love those sour, nay-saying liberals. No matter what the president does, good or bad; no matter what may come of his policies … they’ve made it their defining purpose to demonize him and malign everything he stands for; not exactly a lofty goal in life.Take for example our dear neighbor, Sue Gray, who’s been on a much-appreciated hiatus from corresponding lately. Possibly influenced by a recent biased Bill Moyers program on PBS, she demands the downfall of the Bush government, solemnly informing us that “impeachment is imperative.” Wow. Surely she’s aware that her beloved Democrat-led Congress, with the lowest approval rating of that body in its history – far lower than Bush’s – recently gave approval to the president’s requested enhanced surveillance measures (“FISA”), including wiretapping suspicious phone calls? Should we demand impeachment proceedings against all of them, too? I’m just arguing for consistency here.I mean, if Bush’s courageous but unpopular policy in Iraq might just be turning the corner, putting the U.S. on the road to a possible victory over Al-Qaeda and the murderers of free people everywhere … well, that would be unthinkable, wouldn’t it? Even a partial victory would be devastating to those heavily invested in the defeat of this great nation; the lefties would be eating crow for years! (Even the liberal Associated Press recently admitted the surge could be starting to turn things around there – No, it can’t be!)Next appeared a ranting dissertation from Dana Anderson, declaring “King George” may soon impose martial law on everyone. Right; believe that, and they’ll tell you another one.Looks like the dreaded “Bush IS A Wicked, Evil Monster” syndrome is rearing its paranoid, comical head once again. Beware the nefarious Bushies! Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, where are you when we need you? Hosting all-night pajama parties that accomplish absolutely nothing, apparently.John HerbstBattlement Mesa

Dear Editor,I would like to congratulate Julia Spencer and all of the people, too numerous to mention, for the success of this year’s Relay For The Cure. It was amazing to see the numbers of people out walking, running, and even riding wheelchairs around the track at Roaring Fork High School Friday night and into Saturday morning. What a commitment to a worthy cause. A goal of $75,000 was set, and surpassed by a huge margin. I would like to especially thank Woody Norton, the owner of Woody’s Rolling Smoke BBQ and soon-to-be owner of The Cook Shack in Marble, for his help in putting on the breakfast for all the volunteers and the marchers. I would also like to thank my chef, Jacob Walker, and Adrian and Francisco for all their help. Without them, we couldn’t have possibly fed all those people. This was truly an outstanding example of community. Skip Bell, managerThe Pour HouseCarbondale

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