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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,The article on gangs in the Aspen Daily News sounds like a lot of hair-splitting about labeling a real valley problem. They’re not real gangs unless they’re “affiliated with nationally recognized gangs?””Marcos,” an ex-gangster from South America, says, “If you’re a tough gang-banger, why wouldn’t you go to the city?”Three good reasons come to mind. First, there’s more money in this valley than most cities. Second, the per-capita consumption of controlled substances is probably higher here than most cities. Third, law enforcement doesn’t think we have a gang problem. Easy pickings, Marcos!But why won’t we call them gangs? Because it’s bad for business. The Skico, hotels, restaurants, dirt pimps, not a one wants to hear talk of gang activity. Way bad for business. So sweep it under the rug.They wear colors, sport gang tattoos and carry guns. Are they rub-on tattoos? Do the guns only squirt water? If it quacks and waddles, I say it’s a duck no matter the color.We won’t start solving our valley’s gang problem until we admit there is a gang problem. We could start taking care of business by having Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) round up and deport all illegal aliens in our valley. And this valley doesn’t need to be a Betty Ford gangster rehab clinic, either. I’d just as soon have “Marcos” learn to be nonviolent elsewhere.Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

Dear Editor,Re: Sue Gray Aug. 26, “Impeachment is about preserving our freedom”I have been suffering your uninformed/misinformed liberal rants seemingly forever, and some months ago decided to forego the amusement. But the word “impeachment” caught my attention because I would support that proposition, but for Nancy Pelosi being Speaker of the House.My issue, raised by your Aug. 26 rant, is your lamenting the Bush administration violating the Constitution. Methinks you jest. Our Constitution (we hardly need capitalize it anymore) has been a dead letter for almost 150 years – since the Abraham Lincoln administration, and raised to an art form by the libs’ hero of heroes, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.Surely you have noticed that its specter is raised only when it suits the personal political agenda of any given activist, politician, judge, journalist, pundit, etc. – found in all levels of government and media. I could consume the rest of this entire page with examples, past and present, but that should be unnecessary to the even barely literate, and I’ll give you credit for being at least that – just woefully blinded by liberal ideology. Or are we using “progressive” now that most libs are embarrassed by the original term? Espousing socialism, pacifism and “equality” of result – three methodologies that have never been anything but disastrous in the history of mankind – have taken their toll, eh? (The pacifism comment is not an endorsement of our country’s imperialism, which has been extant, without interruption, for almost 100 years).So have at it with Baby Bush and his boys (I can only wish they were just a rock band.), but please don’t reference the Constitution, far and away the weakest arrow in your quiver. It gets more insulting with every judicial decision, Executive Order and congressional session to pretend we still have one.Bob RichardsonGlenwood Springs

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