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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,It’s about time that the local paper should start giving equal ink to all the high school sports. One in particular that seems to be treated as the step-child of prep sports is soccer. Most newspapers on the Western Slope don’t seem to be as narrow in scope as the Post Independent. I would suggest that you compare notes or coverage with others like the Steamboat Pilot or Citizen Telegram as examples. In case you haven’t heard, soccer is coming on strong in North America. At the last world cup, it was broadcast in 200 countries and 41 languages, and 35 billion people worldwide watched. Other than the Olympics, I can’t think of another team sport that compares in popularity. You seem to be able to come up with enough space to publish the season schedule and past years stats for what you obviously consider the more noteworthy of prep sports. Here it is, two days before the start of the high school soccer season, and there is no mention of the upcoming games or the season schedule.The local paper should be in the forefront of helping to promote soccer not only for this year’s high school teams, but as an encouragement for the up and coming players of the area. Get with it and get the news out.King LloydNew Castle

Dear Editor,Apparently, many concerned Americans are deeply troubled about the latest – or should I say most recent – misconduct allegation regarding one of our esteemed elected officials, namely Sen. Larry Craig. I am neither concerned nor deeply troubled. Frankly, I am totally baffled and bewildered! Where is our sense of fairness and good judgment?If it is OK for a Democratic president of the United States to engage in oral sex with a young female intern in the Oval Office of our nation’s revered White House, what is the big deal about a Republican senator hitting on an adult male undercover cop in the stall of an airport men’s public toilet?Have we lost all respect for the right to privacy for our nation’s leaders who are dedicated to properly represent their constituents and to serve with dignity and resolve? Where is the ACLU on this one? Do our legislators need a Fairness Doctrine?God Bless America … and let freedom ring! Richard DoranParachute

Dear Editor,The final touches were made to the monument to Strawberry Days in Sayre Park. This granite monument is dedicated to Strawberry Day Queens since 1913, and the sign commemorating the Strawberry Days festival is located just east of the basketball court in the park. Thanks to donations by Diemoz Construction, Glenn and Mary Linda Vawter and the Frontier Historical Society, there is now a dedication to this event that has played such a vital role in our history. The granite monument was lost for years after it was inscribed with the names of the only four ladies ever to be named National Strawberry Day Queens in Glenwood. The national contest ended in 1958. By some quirk of fate, the massive piece of granite was found in the mud next to Carl Ciani’s insurance office on Grand Avenue, retrieved by Floyd Diemoz, and erected in the park. Thanks to Cindy Hines of the Frontier Historical Society for creating the sign. Glenn VawterGlenwood Springs

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