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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Recent letters to the editor prove all is not harmonious with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their ilk. It is the practice of proud Harley riders to replace the original noise-legal muffler with a much louder, illegal version. The owners and the shops know full-well they are breaking the law. These bad boys and girls of the street are looking for one thing: to be noticed. Why mostly middle-aged, overweight and balding people are trying to call attention to themselves begs a question. But after knocking down a couple of bottles, what’s more fun than hittin’ the throttles?We spent a few years in Carbondale having our otherwise-peaceful weekend afternoons shattered by “gangs” of rowdy riders getting up to speed after filling their “tanks” at the Pour House. At a Carbondale Trustee’s meeting I once said, “This might be un-American to ask, but why the hell don’t we do something about those damn noisy Harleys.” Answer: “You’re right, that is un-American.”One day some old friends of ours from Nashville showed up with brand new Harleys; his and hers. They were touring Colorado. As they got ready to take off on the next leg of their Ride the Rockies, they put something in their ears. I said, “What’s that?” They said, “Ear plugs; we’d go deaf without them!”Patrick HunterCarbondale

Dear Editor,I don’t know who supplies the gas for the stations in Rifle, but they are taking the citizens for a cleaning. On the way back from Colorado Springs on Labor Day via Highway 50, we filled up in Colorado Springs with mid-price gas for $3.02; and in Montrose with mid-price gas for $2.99 per gallon.Even in the most remote areas along Highway 50, the prices were cheaper than those in Rifle. The other issue I am addressing is the illegal immigration problem in Colorado. I am a lifelong resident of South Texas (Corpus Christi), and our problems with immigrants is not as serious as those up here, even though we are only two hours from the Mexican border. The two communities (Anglo and Hispanic) work side by side with relatively few problems. The South Texas Hispanics seem to have their own answer to handling the immigration problem. Don’t know their solution, but it seems to work.By the way, I am not comparing the two areas. Both are beautiful and wonderful places to live. I am thoroughly enjoying Rifle. I think it is a wonderful community.Yvonne Pierce CormierRifleCorpus Christi, Texas

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