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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Dear Editor,Call it despicable, disrespectful, reprehensible, contemptible … it is all of these, but above all, it is “ironic” – the full page ad in The New York Times.Where else in the world could an organization with the slogan, “Democracy in Action,” accuse a four-star general of “betrayal?” Although MoveOn.org gains recognition as the Democrats’ most powerful source of left-wing propaganda, isn’t it detestable that they chose to upstage testimony of General Petraeus with absolutely false accusations with total disregard for his service to our country and his outstanding career achievements?It is no surprise that MoveOn.org has exhibited another example of abuse of its freedom of expression; but it is ironic that by this action and other diatribes against our armed forces, Move On.org exhibits its own form of “betrayal” against the very entities that enable it to do so.In every phase of his testimony, General Petraeus is exhibiting more class and dignity than the entire United States Senate could muster in a term of service.This is not about what is “right or wrong” in Iraq. This is about what is wrong with our political system, and especially the people in the Senate who are supposed to be serving us and the country with some form of dignity.For those who missed it, the lowest blow was MoveOn’s closing reference to General Petraeus as “General Betray Us.” Is that beyond disgusting, or not?God Bless America … and General David Patraeus for his poise and dignity! Richard DoranParachute

Dear Editor,When I stepped out my front door Tuesday morning, there was a peculiar stillness in the air. The day was quieter, almost painfully so. The kind of quiet that hurts your ears. People began their day, and went about their normal routine … going to work, or taking their kids to school. I, too, was starting my day, thinking when I picked up The Post Independent, I would see a memorial for the anniversary of 9/11 on the front page. But there wasn’t. It wasn’t on page two, either. No, it was tucked away, on page 12. Surely that can’t be right. The press must’ve printed the pages in the wrong order, inadvertently stashing the memories of 9/11 at the “back of the bus.” That must be what happened, because I can’t think of another good reason why remembrances of one of the most influential events of our current history would not be considered worthy of the front page. In an effort to avoid a political debate, allow me to offer this thought: right or wrong, there are thousands of American troops, risking their lives every day, to maintain the quality of life that we enjoy here in America. They are in a far-away land, fighting an enemy that can’t be seen. They are there, to defend our country from more horrific terrorist acts, like that of 9/11. Perhaps we should recognize how the sons and daughters of this great country are still keeping their promise … on the front page. Misty StuartGlenwood Springs

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